The Mystery of the Druids: A Bizarre Adventure Game

Most people know The Mystery of the Druids from the screaming face meme cover. That’s barely scratching the surface of this insane adventure game
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Additional excellent music provided by: @Ben Levin and @Justice Cow

Music visuals provided by: Felix Wenko “Xilefenko” and David Garb “Sam”
Intro animation by: @Extellus
Moral support and nightmares provided by Haruspex and Lowry fans
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00:00 – Intro
1:22 – An Opening Cutscene
3:37 – Mystery Begins
12:20 – Halligan Tries to Make a Phone Call
18:13 – On the Path of Druids
22:33 – The Salt Arc
28:15 – The Amulet’s Fallout
36:46 – The Deus Ex Neo Druids
43:00 – The Melanie Arc
47:58 – Struggle Continues
54:00 – Return to the Past Now
01:05:06 – Grand Finale
01:10:15 – The Mystery of the Droods
1:12:36 – Credits
1:14:07 – It’s Not Over


  1. I came to this video due to ULTRAKILL, and Im now going to have fun checking out the rest of your channel, for how high quality your videos are im surprised I havent heard abt your work before!

  2. This game is such an amazing mess that it’s hard to tell what’s purposeful and what’s weird jank. For example the writing seems almost purposefully great. The idea of a detective who detects by just needling and annoying people until he can find an in to exploit them for his own gain sounds entertaining and it makes for some pretty great scenes. For example Halligan getting an extremely accurate character assessment only to respond with “Janet what up?!” Is great. But the story sometimes decides to treat Halligan like a normal adventure game protagonist, like with his entire relationship with Melanie. So were the writers aware of how awful Halligan is? Or were they just trying to make the detecting more difficult with no further thought to Halligans character? Were there two different teams writing the story and they just kind of mashed the two together? It’s so odd. Some parts of the story seem well thought out and written well, while others seem rushed and entirely unexplained.

  3. took 2 years but the end clip of Glug from The Ring is now a reference i understand

  4. I'd pay cash money to see Briggs and Halligan interact. It'd be the crossover event of the century.

  5. Shoutouts to the discord message nestled in there that made me check mine.

  6. Whoever did the subtitles for this one VERY much so had fun with the emojis XD

    Also this game had remarkably good voice acting, which really caught me off guard.

  7. this was the first vid I saw from this yutube channel, and it one of your best, really glad to have discovered you with this one 😀

  8. Did you guys know that the closed captions have emoji’s followed by them lmfao

  9. Reasons Halligan eats the flesh:

    6 (and most obvious). He wants the power of the druids

  10. Thank you for adding the Total War Warhammer music to complete the Balthazar Gelt joke. It is uncanny.

  11. God save the queen, even if she’s wearing a really ugly dress.

  12. The voice acting in this game is exceptional. I wasn't expecting that.

  13. Had to revisit this video after watching your video on Ring. Both are so utterly bizarre

  14. my teacher in irish studies had the game cover on one of the slides in the first class

  15. "anyways, then they time-travel"
    excuse me what



  17. I woke up in the middle of this and legitimately thought they made a John Constantine origin game.

  18. What movie is the clip from at the end of The Salt Arc?

  19. A while back I fell asleep listening to this review, I had lucid dreams with the druids and now I need to watch this every now and then. I am not complaining.

  20. I saw a comment here I can't find it anymore, it was before I watched the video. By then the comment intrigued me, now it just amazes: Halligan never breaks character, not even once! Gotta give props to the writers. The cult classic status of this game is more than deserved. Limbo of the lost doesn't come close to this piece of art.

  21. We Finns say Pitsa 😀 It actually sounds pretty much like in game. Only final vocal is stopped A, not Pitsaaa.

  22. I think that the presentation of Lowry's … mysticality … is perfect. Halligan is an alien conspiracy fan, he clearly views Lowry as an alien, aloof and unknowable. And it perfectly represents the charisma chasm that separates them.

  23. One of the best things about Mandalore videos is rewatching them years later and understanding more references and foreshadowing.

    Still looking for a good novelization of Das Ring Der Nibelungen. I don’t think I can handle a full four day production at Bayreuth.

  24. I like how at the end Halligan's gut instinct was to stab Melanie when he could've stabbed himself for the same effect

  25. the total war warhammer reference caught me COMPLETELY off guard 😂😂

  26. Your channel is such comfort food. I don't think i've ever rewatched a channel more.

  27. I was not expecting to suddenly recognise this game at 36:46. I played a demo of this scene like 20 years ago. That was a deeply buried memory, damn.

  28. Oh my god, you were working on Ring for this long?? I always wondered what that bizarre clip was at the end, and now I know it's Glug. Amazing.

  29. 01:02 They usually put it at 60 cent or something, almost the exact same amount Halligan steals from the homeless guy in the game.

  30. What an amazing sequence of events this video covered. And that final song. Probably my favorite video from Mr. Mandalore

  31. "Halligan is a monkey looking at a monolith; he just can not understand it."

    Me about this entire game.

  32. Ok so I am gonna use Swedish costs to check how much Pizza Halligan is eating.

    One pizza here in Sweden is around 6 dollars (at least before inflation). Let us say it is 10 pounds to accommodate a drink and sauce.

    200 pounds divided by 10 pounds/pizza gives 20 times he ordered a pizza to the office

    That… Is not unreasonable. Having a pizza for lunch every work day.

  33. The main character sounds like he knows what it means to be a Gordon.

  34. It was considerate to shake the house before nuking it.

  35. She says Brent so often it's like she's a hostage negotiator trying to build a rapport.

  36. 2 years late but i think when halligan came across the human sacrifice and plapitine seems to use magic to knock him out, maybe he was brainwashed from that moment, and then halligan just, eats the flesh because hes already under a druidic spell

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