The most toxic emote on bedwars? #roblox #bedwars #minibloxia #foltyn #tanqr #milyon #ckev2



  1. For all the ppl saying your not in L8R clan literally check I joined L8R video 💀look before you assume stuff

  2. Bro i love that emote because people always get mad if i use it

  3. ur not in L8R buddy also how the hell is a face palm suppose too be toxic i swear bedwars is ruined because of people like u

  4. Only the og players know the “cry about it” emote.

  5. Cen i join clan my clan contribution is 127k on this one im at but idk it may reset when i join for a day i make 2 k coins end for weak is 14k im lv 23 i use yuzi end fortuna the most

  6. gg i just reached the level where have face palm XD

  7. Melody Cry about it: 🗿🍷
    Nightmare emote: 🗿🍷
    Summer chair emote: 🗿🍷
    Yikes emote: 🗿🍷
    S6 Nightmare flex emote: 🗿🍷
    S6 Nightmare emote: 🗿🍷
    S7 Nightmare emote: 🗿🍷
    S7 Nightmare flex emote: 🗿🍷
    Any animated emote: 🗿🍷 🗿🍷 🗿🍷 🗿🍷 🗿🍷 🗿🍷 🗿🍷

  8. You should play 1st person even if u mobile it’s good just trust

  9. Bro seems a little bit to good at being toxic

  10. Yo bro wanna 1v1? I wanted to do that for a long time 😅 plsss

  11. This is the first yuzi that doesn't run when bed gets taken

  12. I'm in L8R clan, FOLT fam, minibloxia's town and crimson clan

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