the history of critical adventure games

Doom Solar
like and sub so the critical curse stops cursing games
oh yea project katholdira is Lost Legends sorry

Critical curse: a myth created by the community, where any remake of a game originated by EpicCritical, will always fall in some way (most likely drama)

0:00 Introduction
0:03 Phase 1: The Beginning
0:25 Phase 2: first remake
1:24 Phase 3: not much being worked on
2:30 Phase 4: Critical Expedition
4:09 Phase 5: many remakes

Games included in this video:
Phase 1: Critical Adventure
Phase 2: Critical Adventure: Remastered
Phase 3: Critical Adventure: End of Journey, Critical Adventure: Pixel Green, Critical:RPG
Phase 4: Critical Expedition
Phase 5: Critical Legacy, Critical Expedition: Relived, Critical Expedition: Remastered, Critical Expedition: Expanded, Countless Worlds (Critical World), Project Katholdria (Lost Legends)


  1. Lol i used to have so many good stuff when i play the first version and then this happen-

  2. not gonna lue but Countless Worlds is actually good

  3. later aka the time i comment on this video there a remake name countless world

  4. If I had to guess, I would say countless world might have a bright future due to it having a new style of design without any back story drama

  5. oh my god bruh…
    im the person who made the group for Critical Expedition
    and that is what he has done? bro… you have got to be kidding me.

  6. So which game of the new remakes do you recommend playing?

  7. Honestly, Countless Worlds would be in my opinion a game that could easily be one of the brightest upcoming games out of the history of critical games. Sadly it did close down, temporarily of course, but when it returns, hopefully it'll continue to become an uprising game. (Also yes I do recommend the game when it DOES re-open, and it's very enjoyable).

  8. it seems like critical adventure games are doomed to get burned alive

  9. Bruh the potential for this game to explode is so well yet too complicated of a game for the developers who are struggling for success to make the game successful 🙁

  10. You should have probably mentioned the fact that Critical Expedition nerfed everything by straight up removing fire rune armor, completely killing glass cannons.

  11. Hello im new to the critical community so…

    What happened to EpicCritical to be somewhat hated and whats the story of the "critical curse"

  12. critical tower defense just there for one screenshot like:
    it even got discontinued too lmao because shardox lost motivation

  13. i remember there was some ca game in progress, which had not only custom map, but also a bit overhauled gameplay, but it only was open to public for a short amount of time… can someone tell me what was it and what happened to it?

  14. The current remake is critical legends
    So far, so good

  15. And now critical legends has peaked at 14k players

  16. Me not knowing all about this having a blast with Crit Strike: 🗿

    There's like a full on biosphere just below my feet what on earth just happened

  17. Critical Legacy sadly died, owner decided to make rogue clone

  18. And now we have Critical legends suprisingly with 20k player at peak

  19. I kinda think the "Critical curse" is kinda dead in my opinion.. Since it started from 2020, And we all know that 2020 was a bad year. This can lead to the critical curse being made.. Unfortunately its 2022, Theres a chance that it can be destroyed since the curse of 2020 is over.

  20. Phase 6: Critical Legends (currently 2.3K players but i have seen 17k on there on updates) AND Countless Worlds which is a very high quality CA remake, well it has the same fight system but it did many thing much better than all the other CA remakes

  21. Critical legend's discord just got raided… the curse is happening.

  22. I hope one day a game would stay up and not get the critical curse and dies when It does

  23. Actually critical legends got out of the critical curse (because of great devs oh and they almost got critical cursed because of exploiters)

  24. Hope the new Critical Remake, "Critical Legends" will not get the Critical Curse.

  25. Honestly , the Critical Dev Teams are very problematic for no reason.

  26. also critical expedition is actually going to revive since they decided to start developing on CE again, and it looks more amazing that we alredy have seen before

  27. Our last hope is countless wor rn but it still in dev in this time hope it dint get the curse

  28. countless worlds has potential, just waiting for it to be back, also I don't know if countless worlds has any drama on it

  29. i hope one day they beat the curse then still work on the game till there nothing to add in the game

  30. im upset that countless worlds is already suffering a little, they had to delay the release to iron some kinks out and impatient people are slamming on the group wall because it has been delayed

  31. I thoughts the creator of critical reforge was about to start at scrap

  32. i like how critical legends isnt mentioned 💀

  33. Critical adventure : remastered
    Was true masterpiece
    I played it until game dies
    It was besy CA game that never gonna happen again

  34. Critical Adventures
    Critical Adventures Remastered
    Critical Expedition RPG
    Critical Legends
    Countless Worlds (DEMO)
    Countless Worlds
    Critical Strike

    these are all of the ones i know

  35. Up until now critical legends has been over a year active and hasn’t died of critical’s curse, I have high hopes

  36. if you love ca games try Critical Legends they still updating this game even if they dont made that much new places/maps they still making cool characters new bosses and other things

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