The GameCube Gets An Interesting Update & Another Big Gaming Hack Is Revealed | News Wave

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The GameCube continues to get community support with the newest upgrade adding a ton of functionality with no soldering. Another hack has taken place in the gaming industry, but this time things turned out differently than Sony and Rockstar.

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00:00 – Start

00:55 – Nintendo Wii U/3DS Games Shutting Down Online Early

2:23 – Starfield Falls To Mostly Negative On Steam

3:44 – Bill & Ted Will Be Removed From The eShop/PSN Jan 1st

4:35 – Awesome GameCube Launcher Revealed

8:33 – Sony Appears To Have Deviation Games Employees At New Internal Studio

10:57 – Ubisoft Fights Off 900gb Hack

13:15 – Yoshi P Talks About Consoles Going Away

17:27 – Poll

18:09 – Comment Of The Day

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  1. Square can’t even figure out how to merge a Steam and PC account for ff14 much less be able to stream it. That’s why I don’t play ff 14 anymore.

  2. I'm waiting for a PS2 slim version of this drive emulator.

  3. Nobody tried to hack Ubisoft. They just didn’t wanna be left out but knew if nothing leaked they’d be made liars. So instead of saying they are being ransomed they are saying they stopped them in time

  4. The day we move to cloud base gaming, is the day I start playing less AAA games and just shift my focus to indie games in steam. Most of these games are not even worth $70 today

  5. Gaming will be all cloud in 10 years , my husband is a truck driver and I already play all my pc games on my phone through moonlight with very little issues. It isn’t 💯 but like 88% on the go an 98% on WiFi. Pretty soon Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft will be a subscription based service.

  6. about Ubisoft just can we get POP Metroidvania? Jan 15th deluxe jan 18 cheapo

  7. 4:07 "Lost to time"? Lmao nah. You've said it yourself so many times. Gamers are the ones preserving games once they're no longer available on the market

  8. LRG is an awful company that just promotes artificial scarcity and this is further proof of that

  9. Whenever cloud gaming takes off and consoles dead that's when I stop playing videogames

  10. As for Wii U online servers, I still play splatoon 1 very regularly, to hopefully reach level 50 before april. It was still working fine today, but I really hope they're not ending this early

  11. 100+ hours played and still a negative review? Steam review confirmed.

  12. Google Stadia was perfect and clearly what the future of gaming will be; too bad Google pulled the plug so soon, there was nothing technically wrong with the service. They had great games and great performance. No subscription needed, just buy the game and play it anywhere.

  13. It's sad that some groups have neen review bombing starfild. And have been pressuring people to do the same.

    I mean it is a really good game.
    Its just sad that peoples hate out side of the game is bringing it down.

  14. Ubisoft has been a pretty "Mid" company when it comes to producing games the last few years in my opinion. Besides keeping the money cow known as "Assassin's Creed" alive and dropping new game breaking operators in Siege, and when I say game breaking, I mean to where the game doesn't even work, what exactly have they done withing the last 5 years honestly?

  15. I already have anSdS2 in my Gamecbe. Is there a big difference between that and the Flippy drive?

  16. But…what about the GCLoader PNP? That’s what I used in my GameCube. Solder free and super easy to use, and looks really clean with a 3D printed SD card holder to replace the disc assembly…🤔 I feel like we already have the best of “convenience” when it comes to the GameCube.

  17. that's cute for the gamecube, now wheres the gamecube mini

  18. I do think cloud gaming will be attempted in full force in 10 years, to a rocky start and eventual conversion into something more "traditional": people still use pen and paper, and music CDs and vinyl still sell, so there will always be room for physical gaming too.
    Anyway, I think the three main companies will have a "game box" that will function locally, no internet required at all times (most likely like Sony, that it checks after a while) to play your games, albeit only in digital format. If not the only option for future generations, "an" option like it is right now, with, let's say, the XBox series consoles. Another company may emerge with physical games when all else is "digital only".

    Collector's Editions will still be around, just like they are now with the deluxe contents but only a code for the game.

  19. The first Xbox was just a tombstone for consoles.

  20. 10 years from now, Nintendo will still be using cartridges. Cars have been outdated for 20 years

  21. In 2035 do I see cloud gaming to be the "norm"? I could see that or have it be a very viable option for the main stream gamers. Will Physical be dead by then? Unknown. Heck, I'm a switch owner that still buys physical when I can or if it has a physical version available. Streaming/cloud gaming will be the norm some day. Just like video tv/movie streaming vs DVD/blue-ray. Sure you can by physical disk but streaming is just everywhere now. Yes, one day cloud gaming will be the norm the question is when.

    Hey spawn ya you should get the purple one of that gamecube bootloader board. Heck they should provide you with 2 or more (give away one or something?). Either way, yes definitely get one! I'm going to see if I can get one just to have for later on when I can get another gamecube and hack it.

  22. Why would you play 100+ hours of a game you hate? Sane people would stop long before that. I didn't play BOTW and TOTK for over 100 hours because I hated it. It's the exact opposite.

    I don't why Limited Run ported Bill and Ted on modern consoles. That game should remain in hell where it belongs. The Angry Video Game Nerd reviewed Bill and Ted and he's true to his name when he reviews this.

    My Game Cube is Platinum. A purple piece wouldn't look that great.

    I think Ubisoft got hacked before. I think it happened while I was playing Assassin's Creed 3 so around the time that game was fairly new and on the Wii U. Their new Prince of Persia game and Japanese Assassin's Creed game could be good. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is never coming out.

    Of course Baldur's Gate 3 beats Final Fantasy XVI. TOTK has to beat Mario. It's clearly better.

    I got a PS3 so I can play 3D Dot Game Heroes. Apparently Persona 4 teased this game in a boss battle and I didn't realize it. I also played Red Dead Redemption on it and Tales of Xilia. Not as good as Tales of Symphonia.

  23. I have to think that if the hacker didn't attempt to steal 900 GB at a time and maybe did it in smaller increments hr might've not been caught as quickly.

  24. With all this mod talk I am curious didn't you use to cover raspberry pi 4 content a couple years ago? I think that's where I find your channel to begin with. Someone correct me if I am wrong

  25. "The Cloud," STFU… The more I hear people use it incorrectly, the more ignorant they look, the more I lose faith in society.

  26. I still play the PS3 Every time I hop on the treadmill. Slowly burning through some games I haven't finished that is stuck on the system.
    Recently got trophies for DBZ budokai 3
    Kingdom hearts Chain of memories
    Far Cry 3 Blood dragon
    Lego Lord of the Rings

  27. I actually downloaded Bill and Ted recently. Yeah, it's not that good, but it was such an oddity that I got it a while back. Interesting to know it's going away soon. All digital future!!!

  28. I bought the MODE for my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, and it was one of the best gaming purchases I made. I'm definitely interested in a similar product for Gamecube.

  29. I have DOL-001 (USA) Nintendo GameCube console and I am in Europe, can I use DOL-002 (EUR) power brick on that console or I have to use DOL-002 (USA) one with power converter?

  30. I think Yoshi P is half right. Consoles as we know them will continue on for 1 to 2 more generations. But by the time we're to PS7, every thing from cell phones to laptops will be able to handle full path tracing. And once we hit that point its gonna be very hard to convince anyone there's a need for a PS8.

    But instead of cloud gaming, some sort of universal standard platform that works across multiple manufacturers' devices will be what is targeted. And it will still be mostly processed and rendered on local hardware

  31. I don't think you understand how twitchy and split second fast FFXIV is at end game.

  32. I don't want cloud based future it sounds terrible af the day physical media goes away I retire from gaming in general

  33. I want my cartridges for offline. Hate to be dependent on services. Specially when the company behind it are so bloody greedy.

  34. This new non solder Gamecube sd loader is not wo revolutionary. Sounds great for sure. But the GC Loader has been out for years now, is about $100, and does not require any solder, just plug in. I love the idea of Wifi feature and will keep myt eyes out for this new one see how it all goes

  35. Games definitely shouldn't get an automatic recommendation just because you completed it.

  36. 2:53 "its weird for people to play 100 hours and not recommend the game"
    oh, it's this again. So if they play less than 2 hours and don't recommend it, what will you say then? "oh, you've only played it for 2 hours, how can you possibly know if it's good enough or not?!"

    I'm so SICK of the small brain logic it is when it comes to people being allowed to have an opinion on a game depending on how long they've played it for, because no matter how long you've played it for, they can always say "oh you've played it for x amount of hours, you can't possibly not recommend the game".

    People can play it for AS LONG AS THEY WANT and can recommend or not recommend it.

  37. I played Starfield for about an hour. I wish I could get that hour back.

  38. The whole thing about going “completely cloud” that confuses me is Nintendo. They have been SO resistant to putting their software on other people’s hardware. So will they stand alone, releasing the Switch 4 with no other hardware to compete? Seems strange.

  39. From Atari 2600 to now w/my PS5/Switch. I've had the most fun with PS3 and the 7th gen library, and it's partly do to 500gb being plenty of storage and PSHOME being an option between games.

  40. I imagine Cloud gaming will eventually be the standard thing, but I likely won't be into that. As is, I'm not really ok with digital-only consoles. As said, I like owning the games I buy to be on the shelf in a physical form.

  41. This is why I don’t support cloud gaming or an all digital future, physical for life, once this happens all bets are off, the companies will have complete control what you can and can do when it comes to playing games, some of these companies are evil in the way that they don’t care about the consumer and are trying to accelerate the all digital future, this I feel should be illegal, they are accelerationists and it is a term I’ve heard thrown around from time to time, I’ve heard Best Buy stores and Walmart’s in the states have already started to get rid of a lot of their physical media and shipping it back to warehouses to either be sold in other markets or destroyed completely, this isn’t right and we need to stop these companies from accelerating this all digital future which is something they want because it means total control for them and zero control for us the consumer. I will always buy physical, Yoshi P sounds like an accelerationist, these mentalities need to be stopped and we need to perish all thoughts of an all digital future, the younger generation of today takes a lot for granted and assumes once they buy a digital game they think they own it but they don’t, this is the generation that will learn the hardest lesson.

  42. Nintendo is being stupid and i don't trust them for game preservation. I don't want a switch anymore.

  43. Cloud gaming is very much possible now. I play almost exclusively on the cloud for the last 2 years. I'm like 2 bosses away from finishing the first Remnant game, which i'm pretty sure falls under the category of "quick reflexes and timing are required". My home internet is fiber, but I also play flawlessly over a 4G LTE/5G mobile connection in my car and keep a spare controller in my car so I can play games on lunch breaks.

  44. Would FlippyDrive cause gamecube load times to be consistent enough to do on console TAS replays?

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