The First DUNE Game! ► Adventure in Dune 1 & DOS – Download & Install

The first ever Dune game is an adventure strategy that was amazingly ahead of its time. The 3D visuals, pixel art animated faces, and actually good voice acting. With the Dune 2020 movie on the way, these old Dune games are a great way to get back into the universe. As a nostalgic gamer who missed this back in 1992, I seriously recommend downloading and installing Dune 1 and trying some of its gameplay.

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How to install and play #Dune 1
1. Download and install DOSBox if you haven’t already

2. Where to download Dune 1 (you need the iso file and mount it onto a virtual disk drive using something like PowerISO)

3. General instructions on how to install a CD into DOSBox

– Basically, once you’ve mounted the disk image of Dune onto a virtual drive, you need to create a folder for the game. I made a C:dos folder.

– Then you have to open DOSBox, type mount c c:dos (or whatever you named your folder). This makes the DOSBox C: drive whatever is in that folder.

– Next, type mount d d: -t cdrom -ioctl (This depends as the drive you mounted the Dune disk image might not be your D: drive, it could be E: or F:, so you might need to type “mount d e:” instead to made the DOSBox D: drive wherever the Dune disk image is mounted).

– Go to D: drive in DOSBox by typing “D:” and type ‘install’ and it should start the Dune installation process.

– Once the installation is complete, you need to make sure you’re in the Dune install directory, which should be called ‘DUNECD’, so type “c:” to go back to the C: drive and then “cd dunecd” and it should put you in the folder.

– Type ‘dune’ and it will launch the game. Enjoy!

‘#Abandonware’ is not a legal term but I always try to source games from, a website that is a recognised public library and has a DMCA exception.


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  1. Being Auld enough to remember this game, need to clarify that there was a diskettes version before the CD.
    pretty similar minus voice work.
    Same goes for Lucas Arts' The Loom and Sierra's King's Quest V.

  2. This is a masterpiece and is all forgotten because of the Dune RTS's! It was around $30 when it came out.

  3. If you don't fancy all those complicated DOSBox commands, get yourself the windows front end app D-Fend Reloaded, it's freeware. Just "Add" a profile, browse for Dune.exe in the folder you installed the files into, for "Program", and then choose Install.exe for "Setup". Then go to "Disks" on the left of the screen and "Add" a CD-ROM to the Hard disk that has already been setup. Then you just "run" the Install.exe, then "run" Dune.exe, and the game will start, nothing but mouse clicks needed!

  4. if you like this game… you should try and track down Lost Eden.. its petty much the same type of game.. just a bit more simple and shorter but the fmvs look great

  5. Ahh I missed you livestream this >_< I ADORE this game, I'm glad you played it

  6. I have this game somewhere still. I was about 12 at the time and my parents owned it. In answer to your question how much it cost, I think it was retailing at around £50-£60. Although that doesn't sound much, it was quite expensive at the time, I'd roughly estimate at like £90 in todays money, so it wasn't cheap and was a luxury item, but it wasn't completely unaffordable. Some of the characteristics (Paul, Jessica and Feyd) all match their counterparts from the David Lynch film from which this follows the storyline and based from Frank Herberts book. Definitely notice features like the music sliders, voice acting and cinematics were at the high end, especially the fact you could explore the planet in a way we would now consider open world. However, Dune was not the only game to experiment like this. Games that did invest in developing on CD-ROM were capable of these features, as I have Star Trek 25th Anniversary CD-ROM edition and it had comparable features of voice cast from the TV series, music and menu features, although it was more limited in its freedom to explore. A galactic map was included in the manual, but veering off course on missions would result in space battles that caused conflict.

    Overall I struggled to play this at the time but you're doing really well. I inadvertently got lost and flew to Harkonnen space and got executed XD

  7. Love your videos Zak. Laughing along with you all the way. Keep up the fantastic work bud.

  8. Yeah, Dune 2 was the one who went with 'Red is Evil. Let's make Harkonnen Red. Blue is Noble. Altredes is Blue.'
    In the book/movie, Altredes' colors are Red and Gold, I believe.

  9. It is a classic… I have it, but it is some time since I played it… It is on my list of games that will get installed on an old laptop of mine… I am getting it cleaned and im only missing on part, IDE hard drive… Waiting for an IDE2SDCARD adapter so i can try it out…

  10. Games like this make you realize how much more creative and unique pc games of the 90's were. Nowadays most games follow a cookie-cutter genre with game mechanics you've seen in countless other games before…

  11. Love this game. I mined all the spice on the planet and turned it green. All off it. Love it

  12. Isn't the voice acting in this game just phenomenal? Especially for Feyd Rautha.

  13. Loved this game when it came out, to this day The Spice Opera is still one of my favorite game sound tracks.

  14. OH YEAH sweet! Great game Zakh I highly recomend Ultima 7 serpents isle, still one of the best rpgs ever.

  15. Fingers crossed you don't get copyright claimed by Universal. Remember that this game company got a license to use some of this material and that license when they went under reverts to Universal, etc.

  16. I replayed this recently! You're right, it was excellent and ahead of its time.

  17. This is one of my all time favorites and I have wanted for a modern remake of this for a long time.
    "You are looking for a freeman named Stilgar, he will help you, dont be afraid to make your own path."

  18. We are doing spice mining. WE ARE DOING SPICE MINING! (420 kilos baby)
    This game has such great production value for its time. I'm impressed.

  19. Sorry but I'm against the crowd on this one; Dune gave me shudders. One of those pixellated, overly menu-heavy nightmares we kiss the likes of No Man's Sky (updated) these days.
    I mean, props to the music, I mean it always rocked, 10/10 for the music. But sorry, I rate games on merit regardless of age, not blind nostalgia

  20. Awesome game, I played it several times on SEGA CD. IMO the music sounds amazing on SEGA compared to PC, other than that the game is identical.

  21. How many times did Zakh's mind get blown? Watch the video to find out.

  22. 15:24 The exact moment that a flat earther discovers that the world is round.

  23. No way Zach boy here playing the first dune game ? This is gold to see him struggling with the way this game played. Ke ke ke.

  24. I've played this game since it first came out. It's nice to see you enjoy this game and understand why its soo good.

  25. Please please continue this game? I would love to see how it plays out.

  26. GamerZahk, I am your commenter.
    This is super cool to see! I've never played this, didn't even know it existed. It reminds me of sort of a combo between the MYST games, and King's Quest 3.
    What is that awesome music you use for your intro btw?

  27. Beware of shadam, he gets more rude with every delivery 😁.

  28. Dont forget, the time limit are only 365 days to win the Game.

  29. @32:05 Ecology was greyed out as it is not yet available to specialise in, so by not giving them any orders those Fremen were doing nothing, hence why they were "awaiting your orders". Similarly, modify equipment and move troop were also greyed out as you cannot do that yet.

  30. The 2 first Dune games are different though both very good for their release times.

  31. This game is amazing! I'd love to see you play more!
    Also thank you for the detailed instructions on how to get it working!

  32. Remember Zakh, a beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.

  33. Not sure if you'll post videos with more gameplay, but basically you find an important Fremen leader, and another Fremen woman named Chani who you get romantic with. You then have to learn the Fremen ways (becoming Muad'Dib), going out into the desert, calling a worm and riding it (an alternative transport method to the Ornithopter) and over time your eyes become the blue in blue. You also have to drink the Water of Life, but doing so too soon will kill you. This expands your consciousness further.
    Then it mostly becomes a case of seeking out Sietches, recruiting Fremen, mining more Spice (the Emperor's demands increase with time) and training Fremen to be an army, with different weapons (Krys knives, laser guns, Weirding modules and atomic weapons) being assigned out as equipment (some bought, some taken from defeated Harkonnen soldiers). There is also an ecology plot where you meet Liet Kynes who is trying to find a way of growing plants on Arrakis. I can't recall where this plot leads, but if you grow plants in a region on the map then the Spice density within that region drops to 0, so you cannot mine there any longer.
    I made it quite far through, basically heading closer and closer to the Harkonnen palace (I must have been very near the end), but the demands from the Emperor grew and grew and ultimately I couldn't keep up with the Spice production (I'm guessing that the increasing demands may be some kind of soft time limit). But by this time I had spent so many hours playing that I couldn't bring myself to restart the game.

  34. The intro of the floppy disk version was my first encounter with this jewel. I still have the CD around somewhere, but I thought the music track on the original disk version was a tad bit better. I believe the original track is still available on the CD version, but has been relegated to a normal accompaniment track…
    The music is mind-blowing. Even better when played on MT32 or SB AWE32

  35. This is unbelievably remarkable for that time. The fly throughs and landscapes are gorgeous. The music too.

  36. Actually the composer of this soundtrack (Stéphane Picq) is also the composer of Megarace 🙂 So that's probably why this soundtrack made you think of Megarace. Brilliant composer. You should also look up his soundtrack for Lost Eden!

  37. the original game did not have voice acting, or that mixer panel

  38. I discovered this game very late, after 2002 I think, but it was incredible still.

  39. Ah ah, I'm still watching the video, and I want to say "Yes." everytime you wonder if something is real.
    This game was so much ahead of its time.

  40. Think I played a version that had no intro, cant remember this long of an intro

  41. I was never able to complete Dune back in the day. Always hit a point where I was not making enough spice, and I'd get the Sardukar sent after me.

  42. I couldn't play this game back in the day because my brother lost the manual before we even installed it and getting into the game the first time always required a specific word from a specific sentence from a specific paragraph you had to go hunting for.

    Fear wasn't the mind killer, it was my sibling.

  43. This is excellent. Thank you for keeping the cutscenes complete as it’s very interesting.

  44. Played it on Amiga 500. It is based on 1984 adaptation od Dune by David Lynch. That's why intro is from the movie as well (princess Irulan). Amiga version is somewhat limited (they had to trim it down to fit floppy). It's a fun play but… not something you go back often. Once you finish it there's really no reason to try again, storyline is linear and there's no strategy other than mine to meet quota then buy weapons, train Fremen and take out Harkonnen when you have enough troops and atomics.

  45. Just watched the whole video 🙂 I loved watching your mind getting blown by this precious game I've been playing since was I was a little girl. So nice to see how you appreciate these small details. Is there going to be a part 2? Hope so!

  46. Developers evidently loved the David Lynch adaptation of Dune. They even put the movie actors faces into the game.

  47. "Why is this guy so suggestive"
    Dirty minds… 😛

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