The First DUNE Game! ► Adventure in Dune 1 & DOS – Download & Install

The first ever Dune game is an adventure strategy that was amazingly ahead of its time. The 3D visuals, pixel art animated faces, and actually good voice acting. With the Dune 2020 movie on the way, these old Dune games are a great way to get back into the universe. As a nostalgic gamer who missed this back in 1992, I seriously recommend downloading and installing Dune 1 and trying some of its gameplay.

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How to install and play #Dune 1
1. Download and install DOSBox if you haven’t already

2. Where to download Dune 1 (you need the iso file and mount it onto a virtual disk drive using something like PowerISO)

3. General instructions on how to install a CD into DOSBox

– Basically, once you’ve mounted the disk image of Dune onto a virtual drive, you need to create a folder for the game. I made a C:dos folder.

– Then you have to open DOSBox, type mount c c:dos (or whatever you named your folder). This makes the DOSBox C: drive whatever is in that folder.

– Next, type mount d d: -t cdrom -ioctl (This depends as the drive you mounted the Dune disk image might not be your D: drive, it could be E: or F:, so you might need to type “mount d e:” instead to made the DOSBox D: drive wherever the Dune disk image is mounted).

– Go to D: drive in DOSBox by typing “D:” and type ‘install’ and it should start the Dune installation process.

– Once the installation is complete, you need to make sure you’re in the Dune install directory, which should be called ‘DUNECD’, so type “c:” to go back to the C: drive and then “cd dunecd” and it should put you in the folder.

– Type ‘dune’ and it will launch the game. Enjoy!

‘#Abandonware’ is not a legal term but I always try to source games from, a website that is a recognised public library and has a DMCA exception.


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  1. @GamerZakh, such a shame that I keep missing your live-streams. I could have told you so much about this game 😀
    I am literally pulling my hair when you are asking questions in the re-run to which I know the answer XD
    To clarify, there were originally two versions of the game, one, released in the nineties and the CD version, which you are playing in this stream, was only released some years later (been trying to find when exactly, but not been able to). A good number of the features you admire so, were only added to the second rendition of the game, when it was ported to CD. The floppy version did not have the big cut scenes or movie clips, nor did it have the volume mixer or the 3D-rendered travel sequences. It was a progressive game, nonetheless, and as you well state, the color vibrance, achieved indeed with palette shifting, was superb. A number of characters in the game are represented by a digital renditions of the characters in the 1984 movie, most notably Kyle McLachlan as Paul, Francesca Annis as Lady Jessica and last but not least, Sting, as Feyd Rautha.
    I hope this was informative 😉

  2. Is it possible at all to run the game in a larger box? I managed to forse Dos Box to run in fullscreen mode but the game screen is still way too small, like a small box. I just got big black bars around it. :/

  3. I'm having a Mandela effect moment. When I originally played this game a long time ago I was certain Gurney Halleck was voiced by Matt Frewer of Max Headroom fame.

  4. Love this soundtrack so much. I jam it in my car alot. This, my friends, is the key to the fountain of youth.

  5. Dune II was the first PC/video game I ever played and ever since I've been in love with the Dune Universe crafted by Frank Herbert. I knew that the first Dune game was radically different but I had no idea how advanced this game was for its time. I'm going to play through this masterpiece for myself! Thanks for the great walk through of this treasure.

  6. Even though the Amiga version was good, this game was one of the PC's killer apps back then. People would buy VGA graphic cards and good sound cards just to have access to the full experience.

  7. 26:05 Fun fact : Megarace was made by the same company as Dune: Cryo Interactive, a French company. They were indeed more into delivering a classy experience (graphics, music…) than solid gameplay. But it paid off for several years.

  8. 45:00 it's not manual it's a simple distortion (fake 3D) trick, in the manner of what they were doing at the time when demos were popular.

  9. What do you mean about not being other voice-acted games in the 90's?! Here are two quick examples: Death Gate (1994) and Bioforge (1995)…

  10. What did the exec at Cryo shout when the game was first proposed?
    "We're Duned.. Duned.. DUUUUNEED!!!" (Sorry, couldn't help myself there)

  11. Playing that many years ago without cd-audio. Its amazing.

  12. In 1992 the game prices were around 50-150 us dollars.

  13. OMG I loved this on the Amiga, awesome game 😎

  14. I finished the game a long time ago. Good game … good books…

  15. It was a very atmospheric adventure/strategy game with stunning visuals. I prefer the floppy disk version without FMV that leaves something more to the imagination.

  16. I was wondering when you were going to get around to playing the first Dune game! So many people gush over the second title thanks to all its modern source ports and how influential it was in developing the RTS genre while completely overlooking just how incredible Cryo's title is! I've been going to bat for it and telling anyone who will listen about what an underrated title it has been for decades now. I'm glad people are finally starting to come around in retrospect/hindsight and realise that a fully-voiced real-time adventure game with day/night cycles and a proto-RTS element and story that diverges from the plot of the book in a satisfying way in 1992 is a monumental achievement. Still in my top favs of all time to this year. Okay, enough gushing.

  17. Yes, this is a good game. Played it a lot as a kid. Dune 2 too of course but I always loved this one.

  18. It's cool how the CD and the floppy disc versions are different. I liked some of the buildings etc in the floppy version better, also the daylight system but it was extremely cool to listen to those character voices from the CD version in 1992, mind-blowing actually. That game was magical.

  19. Gave you a like as you chose English not American lol

  20. An amazing game, holds up even today. Suggest it to any Dune fans. Also jesus, that "intro" had so many spoilers, who thought it was a good idea. Ugh, i was pulling my hair out when you kept assigning the harvesters the long way around, also you forgot to visit one of the 3 places you discovered last and nobody in chat mentioned it. To find the fremen leader you go and talk to each fremen troop, and make sure you exhaust the "talk more" option, one of them will tell you where to go.

  21. Dune 2 is one of the first games I remember playing, but I have never heard of this game.

  22. now i know why that voice sounds soo familiar.. ED MARCUS voices half of Dragon ball z

  23. Only ever played Dune 2000, so interested to see this one.

  24. All those animations and voices etc were remastered version. Not the original. Dune 1 were in 3 floppy disc total. And it was great game, just there were so many great producers and legendary games back then (even all those technical restrictions everything were created with imagination and visionary ppl. Not like lackluster – same game engine clond copies – )

  25. One of the first 3 PC games that inhabited our old 486. Other two were Lion King and Goblins 3. All of them quite the jump from our then years old and ageing ZX Spectrum. Dune however was too hard for young me to get into at the time. Watched dad who played it often but it didn't manage to attract me (was too busy with Doom by then). Wasn't until 2005 I returned to finish it and I dare say it's one of the best game ever made. And about the only one in which OPL chip FM synthesized sound sounds better than on dedicated Roland gadget. I still find myself whistling the desert travel tune inside my head (while mimicking the movement when no one is watching…).

    My first comment on your channel and I just need to say that you do too great job in presenting all these nostalgic gold nuggets. Makes me wanna stop what I'm doing and immediately start playing them all over again. Your C3 stuff in particular gave me confidence I'll eventually bring myself to finish the fckker that traumatized me since I threw in a towel and surrendered one mission before the end, over a decade ago. The housing blocks, walkers, villas, and God knows what else, completely broke me!

  26. I think you were as entertaining as the game – LOL — Loved the movie this was based on. You should watch it if you haven't. The game has used a lot of the elements from the movie

  27. played it since it came out in 92 and still play it online. many hidden tricks and subtle strategic nuances like dont go into the dessert untill you have mined sll 55 000 spice from the beginning areas then always pay the emporor double since you have so muh spice znd get 7 to 9 days reprieve instead of 5 it costs lesslong run. then get chani back in one move in fort just north of your palace . never win a fort with 7 troops always 6 then you always get one new troop . pull out attack forces just before fort defence collapse and roll the other 5 of 6 troops to the next for for attack so take 7 troops then 6 then 5 then 4 and steam roll forts leaving 1 troop to convert to sietch. always scout all the forts before war commences then you can steam roller hard forts 1st then weaker then weaker with less and less armies and get the nukes 1st via attacking 1st close to Harkonnen Palace since Chani is located in fort 1 closest to Atreides palace. start war having ready 12 to 14 army troops all with weirding mods and rest incl ornis for armies speeds up fremen travel x 2 . never pay for weiring mods , free ones x 2 + 4 x villages = 12 – 14 maybe pay for 2 close to Art Palace. prospectors can deliver weapons for you. all troops are pack donkeys and part of the strategy is to move all eqipment to sietch close to palalce for central distribution . map online for all hidden sietches. dont enter Kynes lair untill you have enough weapons/laser guns then dont click on fremen to get bad news and lose motivation of Chani kidnapped until you have 12-14 weirding mods then with 7 armies 7 weirding modes/kris/laser attack fort one just north of Artpalace then immediatly get back chani and all motivation. motivation effect speed of fremen travel time and give each fremen army orni and it doubles travel speed so ornis and weirding modes/other weapons all muyst have before start of war. have 2 harvest troops at Art palce sietch closesest to village and have them collect ornis 12-14 times from village by removing thier orni when you have bought more. only 4 of 6 villages usefull . 2 far out villages furthest from ArtPAlace basically useless . Cntrl F12 speeds up time lapse in map view and flight while seeking hidden sietches , you can see the spiice density drop while speeding up the map then you dont have to wait in dessrt and waste a day for the emperor payment . build a wind trap at each conquered fort in the north with all your aemies and see how quick motivation jumps all arround. use 7 eco troops in far North west where Stilgar is from at sietch with most water (100+_) on HArkonen border and start planting. those 7 eco trops with conquer 3 harkoneh forts remotely and gain 3 troops passively working while you conquer the east and hard part harkonen territory. get the 10 nukes arround hark palace on 2nd ad 3rd round set of simultaneous fort attacks using your 12-14 arm t steam roller move. dont leave partial army groups on Hark border unless you have 7 troops waiting then you will not lose men in Hark attackes and gain weapones and weaken forts armies by taunting HArks by standing on the border just north of Art Palace

  28. I've known this game exists, but I've never played it or watched it. I thought of it "another point & click game in dune settings with tons of dialogues, dune II RTS is better anyway", but you opened my eyes))). Thanks. The game is beyond it's time.
    I think this game pre-determined all the aspects of the Dune II RTS. The planet, regions, mentats were left and it gave the player more control on the units. It s cool to see how one game genre flows into another.

  29. I wish you would make this into a series. The game is absolutely incredible!

  30. Hello. 😊 I really enjoyed your commentary for this game, and also for Dune 2. Would you consider doing a full playthrough of this game? There’s so much more to do & I think you would enjoy playing it. 😊👍 This is my favourite game of all time, & I’ve played it & completed it so many times that I can’t remember, lol. 🤣 Everything about it is truly is a masterpiece. 👌

  31. A remaster of this would be awesome. Come on, Nightdive Studios!

  32. "Talk to me"
    "Uhhh!" – every teenage daughter or son ever 🙂

  33. I recall ever play this as kid back around 2005, my cousin have this installed after my dad computer were fixed and reformated

  34. What an intro!

    Never played this my first pc game was Dune 2 so I'm very tempted to get this!

  35. is it still possible to find this game somewhere ? (finished in the 90's …. want to try and play it again)

  36. i play them as child, i really loved to play, its sad its "unplayable" its the only good dune game,

  37. i loved that woman, was for me the most beautyfull woman, man you can even tell the pixels, ………… dont reminding the "solution" but ….. best game ever, even as dos game, i miss it and wait a complete life on a remake (born in 1971 so must be "…………… 30? ……… year old……….ish. whatever i loved it,, was difficult to make it so it was unable for the enemy , but you must at same time find enough ore, or was "game over, so you was forced it this game to figure out a path to change dune, ……….. as "pagan jesus" it was my way to "mother earth" i was here messiah, to bring back life to earth…………….always funny to see people want go to mars and ………… there can bring a death planet to life………….. but cannot save a dying still living earth……………..

  38. this was a very good game! i wish we could get a modern remake with modern visuals and music, but keeping the simplicity of the gameplay

  39. Poor Gurney gone missing and forgotten a minute later… and to the end ignoring one of the 3 places Harah told him about.

  40. Awesome Game! But before i start can you save the game progress? If so how!? Thanks!

  41. The way Gurney winks at you xD I like how Jessica and Paul look like they did in the 1984 movie and the others just made up characters, why is that?

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