The Definitive Way to Play Sonic Adventure 2

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Written instructions on how to install and get all this stuff working:

Step 1: Download the SA2 Mod Manager.

Step 2: Copy the contents of the SA2 Mod Manager zip file in to your Sonic Adventure 2 install folder on Steam. You can easily get to the Sonic Adventure 2 install folder by right clicking Sonic Adventure 2 in Steam, selecting “Manage” and clicking “Browse local files”.

Step 3: Launch SA2ModManager.exe. If it asks you about an update, say yes.

Step 4: Go through the tabs at the top one by one and make sure all your settings are correct. Turn some cheat codes on if you wish (I’d recommend “Reduce Spin Dash Delay”).

Step 5: Under the Graphics tab, it’s recommended you check the box for “Lock Framerate.” This will stop Sonic Adventure 2 from running uncontrollably fast on newer displays.

Step 6: Under the Options tab, you can check “Disable Loading Animation” to marginally speed up the game’s loading times and make it operate more like the original Gamecube/Dreamcast version. It also skips the loading screen tips, but they were almost impossible to read on the PC anyway.

Step 7: Also on the Options tab, click “Enable 1-Click Install” and say yes if Windows gives you an alert about it. This will allow the Mod Manager to automatically grab and install files directly from GameBanana.

– To activate a mod and actually use it, you need to check the box next to it in the mod list.

– ALWAYS remember to click “Save.”

Now that you have the Mod Manager ready to go, now grab some mods:

General GameBanana SA2 Section:


Cutscene Revamp
No Model Tinting
SA2 Volume Controls
Highest Quality Textures
Level Oddity Patch
Eggman Lighting Fix

— Setting Up SA2 Volume Controls
In the mod manager, select “SA2 Volume Controls” and click “Configure” located under the list. Set the volume controls to your liking. You can always click “reset” to reset all values to their defaults. I recommend lowering music volume to 74, but that’s my personal preference.

— Setting Up HedgePanel
In the mod manager, select “HedgePanel” and click “Configure” located under the list. My personal preference is to disable Fast Somersault, Random Homing Attack Sounds, and Automatic Magic Hands Prompt.


Smoother Wall Collisions
Dreamcast Characters
Disable Upgrade Models
No Battle
Better Radar
Character Select Plus
The New Challengers Assets


01. No Model Tinting
02. Cutscene Revamp
03. Disable Upgrade Models
04. No Battle
05. Dreamcast Characters
06. High Quality Textures
07. Character Select Plus
08. HedgePanel
09. Oddity Patch
10. Eggman Lighting Fix
11. SA2 Volume Controls
12. Smoother Wall Collisions
13. Better Radar
14. The New Challengers Assets


SA2 Battle Network
SA2 Retranslated
Physics Improvement
Korone Inugami
Modern SA2 v6: The Trial
Lava Shelter
Boom Sonic
Honey the Cat

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Dolphin emulator

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00:00 – Intro
06:55 – Sonic Adventure 2’s Ports
14:51 – Sonic the Hedgehog’s Pro Grinder
19:15 – How Do We Fix It? (Mod Manager Setup)
25:49 – Seven Essential Mods
35:19 – Seven Optional Mods
39:26 – More Mods and Mod Load Order
41:11 – Wrapping Up
44:07 – Credits

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  1. No. The original Dreamcast version always had mixing issues and overlap with the speech.

    The lip syncing was really bad, the voices sometimes too quiet, and the characters seemed to respond too quickly, making it appear unnatural.

    Yet, I still love the game! 🥰

  2. While I think you make a reasonable point about the animations of SA1. I still think SA1 (DC Version) has more complex lighting and effects overall.

  3. Bro forgot to talk about new tricks for sonic by Sorayx

  4. "There's a chance that for some of you out there I've already blown your minds…" I had no idea how the rail swapping worked. I ALWAYS jumped and tried to land on the adjacent rail…

  5. You forgot the cave in the dark chao garden that only in the dreamcast version, not on the gamecube

  6. It’s crazy that we live in a time economically where the actual companies who should be doing these quality of life improvements can’t afford to do so because they’re trying to impress shareholders and cutting corners to stay afloat, and most likely it’s college students that are doing them in their free time unpaid just out of love for the game.

  7. I really wished Sega would rerelease these games to newer systems as well as games like Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and yes Sonic 06

  8. thank god you made this. i just lost my old pc and now i have to go through getting mods again

  9. Amazing video, i've always complained about SA ports but people tend to look at me like im making shit up. Had no idea of all this mods since i still hook up the DC when i wanted to replay SA2, thanks.

  10. I didn't know Steve's friend Snot from American Dad had a channel

  11. OH MY GOD, I've been waiting for someone to tackle the problems with SA2 post-dreamcast. People think I'm crazy when I bring up all these issues like changed physics and rail grinding sensitivity and whatnot. It's like nobody really cares, and it's upset me for the longest time.

  12. I've played this game, and all of its versions, so much so that it's been imprinted onto my muscle memory. And i think the problems with Battle are pretty minor, all things considered. The audio mixing on the original release was already lousy and i don't think you missing the homing attacks on Metal Harbor has anything to do with "analogue movement". That string of enemies has always been kind of finnicky even on Dreamcast and even though SA2 has the best implementation of the homing attack in the entire series in my opinion, the targeting system does go haywire on a few occasions. It was always the botched lighting on cutscenes that bothered me the most about Battle but even then, the game isn't any worse for it.

    However, i'm more surprised about the dismal modding scene for this game. It's been 11 years since the PC version and all we've had are these mods with very minor fixes, texture and model swaps and the occasional custom stage. The first custom stage was only released in 2018, which was Emerald Coast, and even then it's still an Adventure 1 stage with its botched collision maps.

    This is the best 3D implementation of the whole series and the mod scene is basically dead when compared to other games. It's ridiculous. I guess fans are more concerned with trying to make a good game out of Sonic 06 with P-06.

  13. Emulation isn't piracy though. Pirating roms are different story, but ripping your CDs for backups are perfectly legal in the US.

  14. The truest experience is on a first wave dreamcast, the one that basically screamed when it was loading. If the disc doesn't read 7/10 times and finally does on the 8th, if the vmu also scream every time you turn on the system (cuz the watch batteries died after 5 minutes of use), and if you just can't seem to get sonic to run straight because of the dreamcast controller, you are definitive in your experience

  15. This is all very nice! however, i would like to mention just in case this could get you in trouble, the Tails/Eggman health item having the red cross is in violation of the Geneva code and could get you in trouble. I'm not sure if this applies to mods less so than the actual game itself, I figured I should just give fair warning just in case! Thank you for all of the mods + video! <3

  16. Personally, looking at the first mod you list, I like the vanilla look better than the mod in all but one case

  17. I'm from NH, that's cool SNHU sponsored you, congrats and great vid. Gives me a lot of nostalgia for one of my fave GC games 🙂

  18. Sonic Adventure 2 On Dreamcasts Analog If you want to use emulation even with a controller it feels very slippy and bad

    It's why I think the gamecube Analog input works better

  19. I'm not finished with the video yet, but I already can say that I hardly disagree about SA2 being better visually. There is almost no lighting at all in the stages. I'm sorry for use of this word, but I even cringed by that statement.

  20. Damn it this really makes me wish i could get my dreamcast working. Im just missing the AV and power cable. :(((

    Then i could even play that horrible pet minigame again that transfers to the little screen on your controller (I actually got addicted as a kid)

    I havent been able to play sonic adventure 2 since i first played it 2001/2002. It still sits there… Waiting… I remember nothing about the games now

  21. PCGamingWiki claims the following issue:
    "When using any controller under the Steam Controller API, analog sticks are treated as digital keyboard keys and will be considered as 100% analog for all values beyond the dead zone."

    No wonder grind rails don't work properly

  22. stating people (most people, true statement) dont understand the full grinding mechanics kills my soul as i picked this game up as a kid and quickly had the hang of it, for me it was easy because im very observant. from my own personal exp with this game during the turns u want to lean and not old B was always much faster than holding B and leaning at the same time

  23. "Steam Deck runs a Windows Emulator"
    I'm not surprised that people don't understand what wine is. But it isn't an emulator.
    It is on it's name…

  24. Man sonic adventure 2 was GOATED. I spent so many hours with my Chao. It was such a green lime green and orange combo.

  25. Dude, TYSM for this!! This video & the SA1 vid/guide have been a godsend! You're a legend!

  26. 8:11 "sa2 has reused assets" mfs when they play the exact same levels 3 times in sa1: 👁👄👁

  27. watching this cause he downloader was giving be troubles and this is the most recent video about the downloaded. I guess something happen and one the links to download something that is a must in order to make it work no long is able to be found or no longer around to be downloaded. Could be just me but the SA2 doesn't come as a zip as well.

  28. I think an issue with the complexity of grinding is that the rest of the game isn’t very complex, but yet once you get on a rail, you have to start relying on physics and how much you grind. Which goes against the rest of the game as it’s like, Playing Mario Kart, and then you hit a shortcut that causes the game to become as complex as Sonic Riders. A bit of an extreme example, but that’s just how I feel when comparing the two.

  29. Is there a mod that changes, or allows you to change the button mapping? So we won’t have to deal with same button syndrome?

  30. There is a better mod than higher quality textures the SA2 ESRGAN HD Textures is the textures pack with enhanced quality textures and the ability to choose between the Dreamcast the Gamecube and PC textures of the game

  31. SA1 and SA2 plus with mods DOES work on the Steam Deck – and I know because I have a Steam Deck myself and I play a lot of Sonic Adventure on there

  32. I would love to see a video on The Definitive Way to Play Sonic Heroes, I have just got a retail copy for PC and would love to see what your thoughts are on mods for the quality of life of the game.

  33. Character Select Plus has a game breaking bug for Pumpkin hill; it gets rid of the shovel claw.

    I'm leaving this here so other people know.

  34. What indie game is that at the bottom left hand corner @ 2:16?

  35. 42:54

    not really a complicated process.unless the emulator has no way to configure it directly thru the emulator(*cough* xenia *cough*)
    or something that requires firmware,which isn't really too hard either

  36. I don't see how someone couldn't understand the grinding system. It's all extremely intuitive. I guess if you were only playing the hd port maybe it was broken like he said, but I never had any trouble on the gamecube. It's pretty straight-forward and self-evident. you really shouldn't need a tutorial. I'm actually grateful there isn't any, you can just play. I hate how modern games stop every 30 seconds to explain the obvious to you.

  37. "Sometimes, being 100% faithful to the original release isn't actually better". Dude, it almost never is. Ports, remasters and such should always strive to make the game better than the original. Because they aren't held back by the hardware limitations of that time.
    In my opinion any modern release is perfectly fine if it's at least 1080p 60fps. Sometimes we shold spend time actually playing the games, instead of searching of the "perfection" and never actually playing anything. That goes for emulation too.

  38. I plan to complete Sonic Adventure 2 100% with all emblems and I want to do it in the most correct and best version of the game. Thank you for saving me days or even weeks of searching for mods to restore SA2. The usefulness of this video cannot be overestimated. Great job!

  39. Also super Sonic mod so you can use super Sonic when you want

  40. White jungle technically isn’t a different level. Both sonic and shadow are in green forest before the island blows up, shadow just explores another area of green forest, so it makes sense for assets to be reused

  41. I played it on Steam Deck recently (just the base game, not modded) and I definitely noticed it felt "harder" for some reason. Turns out my hunch of "reaction times feel smaller" probably corresponds to "the framerate isn't locked", so I might have to try adding mods to the deck.

  42. Does having the Battle DLC on steam do anything to mess with mods currently installed with just the base game on Steam?

  43. "I would not recommend playing the gamecube version"
    Me who grew up with the gamecube version:

  44. Hi again! I'm having issues trying to get a Somersault to work on SA2 on steam. Every time I press B, even if I tap it, it results in a Spin Dash. What do I do?

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