Teens Find Body in Suitcase While Using Adventure App

Inside Edition
A group of Seattle teens were out exploring a remote beach when they made a gruesome discovery — a dead body inside of a suitcase. At first they had no idea what was inside, and joked about the foul odor coming from the bag. When police arrived they confirmed that a trash bag inside the suitcase contained human remains. The teens were directed to the location using “Randonautica,” an app that sends you to randomly selected coordinates to help you explore a city. We spoke to the app’s creator. #InsideEdition


  1. Hi, my name is Tera and I am a small Youtuber and I am making a video about Randonautica and I was wanting to know if I could use this video for my own? Please and Thank you.

  2. that is the most traumatizing thing to find especially in the middle of the pandemic when everyone's mental state was kinda chaos
    if i were them i'd be traumatized for sure

  3. Either this app is cursed or the murderer is part of the app secretly.

  4. SubukanMongPumasikLexanPupuntaAkoSaPanaginipMo says:

    I remember watching this on TikTok and never expecting this on the news. Rest in peace for the one that died.

  5. Yeah I bet you.u didn't when making that app n you also have on a black shirt

  6. I can smell it from my phone I’m the only one?

  7. Glad for their sakes it looks like they didnt open it themselves.

  8. These so called Mystery Inc rejects committed the murder and the later called the cops

  9. The creator of the app put that body there… It's actually the person who really created the app in the suitcase.

  10. Reminds me when I was getting up to go to school one day I think I was in the third grade and I discovered a neighbor that was thrown off a fifth floor his body look like all his bones had caved in and his eyes were popping out it was gruesome

  11. the people who found the case were just try to cover up

  12. Trying to find the cause of death? I can tell you with 100% certainty that the victims were murdered then stuffed in suitcases. It's not like finding someone laying on bed because this crime required effort to stuff the bodies in two suitcases and zip them up then transport them to such a location.

  13. Kind of a "right time, right place" sort of thing

  14. I don't think it was unfortunate that it was found if you look at the bigger picture.

  15. No but that’s traumatizing. Imagine thinking there’s money in a suitcase from an app and it turns out being body remains, dead animal remains, or anything like that

  16. Used randonautica before took me to a grave , Thought it was creepy but cool. One year later my cousins grandmother was buried at the same location

  17. If you want to know the backstory search up
    : Jack neel 3 videos that seem inocent but have a terrifying back story.
    He will explain everything 😨🤐

  18. I wanna learn more about the person in the suitcase

  19. I'm glad the creator of the app reached out to them. Witnessing anything like that would be traumatic on anyone's mental health.

  20. What a stupid place to dump a body. Burry it and build a drive way over it

  21. Seems like you'd smell a dead body through a suitcase LOUD AND CLEAR.

  22. Their smiles look like they’re so traumatized 😂

  23. Play stupid game win stupid prizes …. AT least the body was found and a family member was returned

  24. Anyone going Rando tonight? Add me. I'll post what I see

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