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Team Umizoomi is an animated fantasy musical series with an emphasis on preschool mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and comparisons. The team consists of mini superheroes Milli and Geo, a friendly robot named Bot, and the child who is viewing the show. Milli, Geo and Bot refer to the child viewer as their Umifriend and encourage him or her to develop their “Mighty Math Powers!” The action generally takes place in and around Umi City, a colorful city where the streets are paved with origami inspired patterns.
In the United States Team Umizoomi is shown on both Nick Jr. And Nickelodeon. It is also available on iTunes. It first aired on January 25, 2010.

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Each episode of Team Umizoomi features several or all of the following:
A task or quest to be completed, usually to assist a child in need. Completing the main task requires completion of several sub-tasks, and there are often unforeseen difficulties that must be surmounted. Each sub-task generally involves mathematical reasoning about patterns, sequences, counting, geometric shapes, or other age-appropriate mathematical concepts.
Breaking the fourth wall, where the characters on screen communicate directly to the child viewing the show and encourage him or her to participate with the show.
A mixture of live-action and animation. The team and the surroundings are animated, but the person being helped is often a real child, or sometimes an adult. In the city, or in other crowd scenes, other real people are shown in the background. In comparison to the regular people, the animated characters on the team are less than a foot tall.
Once the main task has been completed the team sings a song and performs a dance called the Crazy Shake, which involves shaking and wiggling back and forth quickly. The Crazy Shake was called the “Umi Shake” in the first season. The child viewing the show is encouraged to participate in the dance.
“How does it work?” In some episodes a simple explanation is given of an everyday process, such as how milk gets from farm to market, or how packages are sorted at the post office.

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