Tanjiro VS Jonathan Joestar (Demon Slayer VS JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) | DEATH BATTLE!

An honorable duel of monster slaying swordsmen!
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  1. 14:46, if Jonathan hadn’t dodged, he would be dead right about here, stab the lungs, go for the neck, no more Jonathan, but he was able to dodge

  2. สาธุ ประสพทรัพย์ says:

    What happen to Jonathan and nezuko tho I’m telling erina

  3. This really makes me think how dangerous Jonathan would be against the demon slayer demons. The whole touch of death thing is nasty.

  4. Wait, the elements from those breathing styles are real? I've watched and read the show and manga respectively, and I don't remember them seeing them actually directly affect any battles.

  5. isn't that a direct shot to the heart? how do you live that?

  6. Cmon Jonathan could have headed Tanjiro with ham on at the end.

  7. “That demon turned himself into a train!”

    “Hey Tanjiro!”

  8. Okay I’m just going to say it
    Tanjiro should have won
    They compared Jonathan to Dio which sounds far since Dio had his body but they forgot one vary important Detail
    Dio’s a vampire he it would make him dozens if not hundreds of times stronger there is no way that Jonathan could keep up with Tanjiro

  9. You know this fight is a great concept and all but it would never happen if these two even met so…

  10. Strongest demon slayer vs weakest joestar

    THATS the objective truth

  11. Tanjiro's va here is better than the one in the actual dub

  12. I saw the faster than light and knew that alone would be enough

  13. This is stupid tbh some of these match ups I swear

  14. that face when he said metal silver overdrive LMAO.

  15. so the spine is not between the lungs got it. You guys really like Jo Jo's wack ass manga! 😒

  16. what happened to jonathans personality in the beginning?

  17. l love both of these guys but tanjaro would of won because jojo is in his young form so he would of not be able to doge most of his attacks

  18. I love how boomstick just keep on hammering how stupid the breathing skills are.
    Only woman author can think of skills source so lame.

  19. What kills me is the rumor that the magic behind the breathing styles aren't real, lmao

  20. I was sure that he would head bang him at the end and win lol

  21. Demon slayer's actually just imagine the magic coming out from there sword's…

  22. This is one of the greatest death battles because it proves that Jojo's bizarre adventure is better than demon slayer

  23. Jesus christ these skits are life draining

  24. Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) vs Funny Valentine (Steel Ball Run) would be pretty epic

  25. Shocker Jonathan won what did u think would happen man has hamon

  26. me on my way to beat an orphan to death with sunlight magic:

  27. If they would actually meet they would for a bromance for sure

  28. ok the real ending we want is them to beat the living hell out of their villans together

  29. This is the friendliest Death Battle I've ever seen since All Might vs Might Guy.

  30. Tanjiro got vibe checked, i dont think hes ever got hit in the face that many times

  31. I keep returning to this episode cause it’s so good. This is definitely in my top ten

  32. Jon trying to heal him in the end then Nezuko pulling her hand back… o god I need a hug

  33. 1- 3:20 the only instance of the elements interacting with the batle are when demons (which are supernatural by nature) use it, when humans use it there are several proofs that the magic is just visual effects and don't affect anything, like Tomioka using dead calm "summoning" a entire lake and the area keeping dry.
    2- 3:46 This one is just stupid manga reader complain but it is stated that sun breathing can negate fatique and keep a slayer going for days if done correctely.
    3- Even with the moving organs nonsense a major blood vessel or two are sure to get hit.

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