Tales Of The Neon Sea Is A Charming Cyberpunk Adventure Game

Tales Of the Neon Sea, a new game on Steam, is a throwback to old-school 2D adventure games that takes place on the waterfront of a polluted, neon-lit city. Once you get past the obvious cyberpunk clichés and horny dorm room posters and signs, the game is set in a captivating world that is exciting to explore.


  1. I bought this game on a whim and loved it. I don’t 100 percent many games but this one was so good.

  2. You know this game was stolen (probably) and sold for free on some app on android?I saw an ad for it scrolling through YouTube shorts, and there was an ad for an app that the whole focus was that "this $17 steam game is sold for free on [app]."

  3. I brought you this amazing video with two amazing designs for Princess Kitana 💙 and her sadistic sister Mileena 💜 .
    Eagerly waiting for your comments don't forget to leave a subscribe and a comment about who do you want to see next…

  4. Looks fun! Glad to see 2D games still being made. Go retro! =) Great Video BTW.

  5. Nice, this will be enough until „The Last Night“ is coming out 😀
    Have a good weekend :*

  6. please fired heather alexandra for the stupid article that she wrote about Mortal Kombat 11.

  7. Completed first 2 chapters so far and o have to agree its soo good, my kind advice is please try to refrain yourself from watching walkthrough and completing the puzzles

  8. So when you say that some aspects are humorous, are we talking real humor or like, Thimbleweed Park "humor" ? I am intrigued by this, but I really don't want to waste money on another game with writing too awful to sit through.

  9. Because of you my friend I have to try this game…

  10. made you roll your eyes, i wanna throw up hearing such white liberal bullshit coming from you.

  11. Does anyone know if this be released on PS4?

  12. this reminds me of dead cells and celeste for some apparant reason

  13. This game has a lot of game and anime reference. Even the girl from detective conan is here too as npc

  14. just finished the game… The story is fire, Wish I can forget it and start all over again

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