SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream – First Trailer

Worlds collide. Heroes unite.
SWORD ART ONLINE characters from across time and cyberspace team up in 20-player raiding parties to face powerful enemies. Choose your character, gather your allies, and push forward to victory!

SWORD ART ONLINE Fractured Daydream comes to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in 2024.

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  1. Couldn’t wait for this game became dubbed game

  2. Bandai pumping SAO like it's a gold mine but in reality it's not. How many SAO games exist and how many were amazing, none. Decent to mediocre sure.

  3. New sao game? Isn't the last game just released
    "Quinella appear"
    Maybe i check this out once more information out.

  4. another garbage SAO game being pumped out…get back to making dot hack thanks

  5. Seriously hope the underworlders, Alice, Eugio, etc are playable.

  6. Wootwoot 20 players party. Im hype for this.

  7. I hope it's better this time. Every time, the games are really cheap. Poor animation and so on. They should take a leaf out of Grandblue Relink's. Or a SAO MMO like Blue Protocol 😂

  8. What do you think about grqphic ? It think graphic it better than other games. Plus dev are fb dev so hope it will be as good as fb. But really they made new game so fast i think people really buy sao games.

  9. We JUST got a game … didn't we? I'm not crazy right? SAO isn't turning in to COD right?

  10. But really 20 player raid for nitendo ? How shitty graphic will be on nitendo ?

  11. Не в восторге от Bandai namco, но в ожидании игры)
    В ожидании хорошей игры в мире мастеров меча и магии

  12. Man. Another missed oppurtunity for a CaC MC. That was the thing that got me hooked on fatal bullet. A story not focused around Kirito.


    but for real setting aside my freak out over just now hearing about this game, i seriously hope that this is fatal bullet upgrade. i cant wait to get back into the world of SAO and it looks like this is gonna be the sao game to end all sao games! this is amazing…..im gonna watch this 20 more times now!
    >best part is it's coming out this year so i will have something to play while i wait on helldivers servers to get me in haha

  15. New sao game already? holy this actually look so good, 20 players and crossplay???this looks like all the games combined in one and the gameplay looks good too , hopefully Lr wasn't very good because they put all the work in this one , iam gonna put this one on the list next to elden ring , i really hope it's as good as fatal bullet and hollow realization

  16. Is thus a real game or anime can anyone tell me

  17. Didn’t they just release an SOA game a few months ago? I guess it’s easy to make a thousand “different” games when you re-use the same models, codes, and assets for the last 10+ years. Getting all the dialogue recorded for the obligatory “date scenes” is probably the only thing keeping them from releasing a new game every week.

  18. Looks interesting, but honestly, I'm getting Variant Showdown vibes from this. I don't know if that mobile game is still under maintenance or entirely scrapped, but I wouldn't be surprised if that game turned into Fractured Daydream.

    Hopefully we'll get more info soon. I'm curious if this game will have an open world/semi-open world or if it's just level select through a menu. (I fear the latter is the case, but I hope I'm wrong)

  19. I’ll never buy these games again …. So sick of them .. make a real MMO ffs not that mobile PC port trash MMo either, a real one

  20. Pls no goofy ahh controls pls no goofy ahh controls

  21. i cant f wait holy shitt , still praying its finna be f2p so i can play it but holy f this looks amazing

  22. it's still not a MMO, and I'm sure there is zero end game here just the same boring shit that's gonna get stale REAL FAST. hard pass

  23. Will there be an option to switch between different versions of the same character because at the start of the trailer we had ALO Kirito and at the end we have SAO Kirito?

  24. The characters models already look better than in last recollection

  25. This already looks miles better than the last game, this one actually looks fun

  26. Já está melhor que é o Dimps que está fazendo o game, o último estúdio Aquaria fez uns games muito ruim

    Dimps is back baby!!

  27. Guys. The last game isn't even a year old yet. This one could flop or flop hard

  28. Lol every feckin game literally died later on its the same on mobile version so many versions closing like saovs, sao rising steel and some other except integral factors stay on

  29. Thank you Bandai i Love yall thanks For combining everything my year is saved

  30. EVERY SAO game has been mediocre why would this be different? Lol

  31. Finally, no aquaria on sao games. honestly they didn't provide us good sao games lately…

  32. Jeez, just make game where we can play as our own character already, no one wanna play as Kirito

  33. Oooh look.. time for another SAO game. 🙄 The CoD of anime. Overrated and dull as hell. Why don't you make better anime games Bandai. I need .hack, the better version of sao.

  34. Cant wait to see 20 kirito in raid battle

  35. That's odd that it was announced on Switch from the very beginning. They usually release it to Switch 2-3 years after the initial release.

    Gameplay should be an Actual ARPG at this point instead of an MMO. Fatal Bullet did a great job with Animation.

    And with Time and Space setup, it's not far to see Accel World and Persona Vabel in here again.

  36. After seeing Apple vision pro I'm convince that soon we can play game like sao for real

  37. I pass… Fatal Bullet was best! And I dont like Shooters. lol
    Why they didnt continued this instead…? To much success?
    Also: I dislike multiplayer.
    The coming titles where all garbage. << Esp the latest one. Copypaste of Alice Lycrose, just with different story.
    (Why are we back to forced to play as Kirito…? Its 2024 hello-hoo!)
    I didnt even think to buy it. Trailers were enough to show nothing new lol
    My interessts for new Sao games are pretty low, thank to very low budget they have.

  38. I saw flying and I’m back at it 🤣 I just hope they updated the spells

  39. 20 player co op and it looks full action this time? 🤔

  40. So does this have character creation or not? Like fatal bullet

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