Super Mario Bros. 2 & Kirby’s Adventure Coming to Switch NES Online

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That’s right, two more games added to your virtual collection come the 13th of February!

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  1. Who cares about this if pikuniku is on the switch it’s clearly the best game I’ve ever played

  2. Who cares anymore. I haven’t launched the NES app in months. Nintendo online is garbage. SNES Games will only be a band aid. It’s N64 and GC or bust for me.

  3. The wait is finally over. SMB2 on Switch… YESSSS!!! Absolute gem.

  4. I don't get why they announce 2 NES games around a week before they get added. C'mon guys, there is virtually no work to be done here, so why such a long time's notice? What is wrong with announcing whatever will be on the NES Online a day or even THE day they get added?

  5. SNES games, N64 games, GameCube games (especially) … you'd think that by now, Nintendo would already have an assortment of these earlier games available ..

    … Nintendo, what's the deal?

  6. They're bringing the game of the year of every year to the Switch. Someone tell Dunkey.

  7. Still waiting for super mario kart to come with SNES games

  8. i understand they're Japanese and they are looking out for their country first… as well as that most westerners don't speak Japanese… but damn! Amongst all of the criticism about the online service being super slim pickings… they're making themselves look even worse.

  9. At least they picked good games this time around.

  10. Alex is back! Thank God! I thought he had been killed by toilet gremlins.

  11. Only two games for the west AGAIN! Two months in a row? come on Nintendo either TRANSLATE the titles or if that is too much work give the west a substitution! You could of given us the two Startropics games as they were never released in Japan!
    (at least its two good games and not Urban Champion or something like that)

  12. Not that I pay for the online anyway. The system that is the switch is great. However the dumb decisions the ppl make that put the switch out…..Jesus. Id like for sum multiplayer games to come to the switch like sumthing like an mmo. Sumthing a little more in depth.but whatever I'm not trying to play call of duty as I don't care I just think in today's world of "leave me alone in an adult n I don't talk to anyone or need anyone" a little bit more culd done on the gaming front to sort of bring the gaming community together . playing randoms on smash isn't an immersive teamwork type of experience. We culd work together as teams in like splatoon or payday 2 if there was normal voice chat. I tried voice chat on splatoon n have never heard or found a single person using it. Wtf nintendo

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