Super Mario Bros. 2 & Kirby’s Adventure Coming to Switch NES Online

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That’s right, two more games added to your virtual collection come the 13th of February!

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  1. I hate the NA Super Mario Brothers two.

  2. I already have SMB2, but I'd like to finally get to play that Kirby game.

  3. To the news: I sleep…zzz
    Wake me when SNES comes through zzzzz….😴

    Thanks Alex for the news update!👍

  4. I don’t even have the Online Service but WTH WHY WERN’T THESE GAMES HERE TO BEGIN WITH??

  5. Can’t stand when people refer the SNES as Snezz. No one called it that back in the day. Come on Alex

  6. Finally, more games to give a shit about. I haven’t actually owned Super Mario Bros. 2 since my SNES broke and it had Mario All-Stars on it, so this is a great way to play it again ^^

  7. I don't care how good these games are, it's still only 2 NES games, Nintendo can pump NES games faster than that.

    Also, once again Japan gets 3 games, but we only get 2, no replacement.

  8. Who the fuck cares? Emulators exist and anyone who wants to play NES games already has done so a long time ago. Probably for free. No disrespect to NES games, they're some of the best games ever made, but they've been so readily available in so many ways (whether it be the Virtual Console, eShop, official remakes or ROMs/emulation) for such a long time now that any new release of them without significant upgrades is virtually irrelevant.

    If you made the 'free' games that come along with a paid Switch Online subscription N64 or GameCube games then it might justify having to pay to access a feature for the console and it's games you've already paid a hefty amount for.

  9. Of course there will also be an SP game or two. Also, I can see SNES games and N64 games coming some day. GameCube is still too recent I think.

  10. Yes! Two of the best games on the NES. Hurrah!

  11. That's a very decent NES collection we've now got. Be nice if it could STOP there and we get SNES stuff.

  12. Nintendo’s online is officially amazing now because we can play SUPAH MARIO BROTHARS 2 GAME OF DA YEAH!

  13. So glad I gave them money so they can short us a game every month… ffs. This is beyond stupid if theh dont change shit and start offering more games Im not reupping my membership.

    I mean how hard is it for them to basically dump fucking roms on us…. just take all those roms from those rom sites you shut down and dump it on the switch.

  14. Game of the year, Super Mario bros 2 Baybee game of the year every year ladies and gentlemen

  15. OMG Alex said ARSE instead of a polite British mannerism like bottom, tickledin, codlebot, fiddlydink or binkybop

  16. Two very good games. But still just two games. (WE'RE PAYING FOR THIS???)

  17. WOW. STILL with the drip feed.

    SO glad I cancelled my subscription.

  18. After seeing the logo I'm glad we didn't get that sumo wrestling game

  19. I’m exited for these games I just really really want punch out!!

  20. I feel like most people have played the main nes games and don't get me wrong people have played snes games as well but so many more people haven't got the chance to properly experience the snes and I feel like it would significantly boost Nintendo's reasoning and marketing for a paid online service

  21. There's like seven good NES games so it's nice we're getting two of them now

  22. So we're officially down to 2 games per month. Fail

  23. SNES games will come on the 2nd anniversary of the Switch, I bet!

  24. Very interesting.
    Sorry for my late response.

  25. Literally every month: "omg nes game that's already on your nes mini is out switch online!" :/

  26. I am glad I have the nes classic edition.

  27. Takes Nintendo 1 year to release 1 emulated game to their digital store.
    Fucking morons. Thank god for my PC.

  28. Hello you pissed off people, here's more games you've been sold a million times already! – Alex.

  29. I hope that we also get super Mario bros. 2 Japanese version (even though I am trash at it)

  30. One huge problem with the NES online… You can't use cheat codes!
    It's why I'm playing retro games with cheat codes, because this is truly what I miss for nostalgia!

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