Super Cat Tales 2 – Adventure games

Android:The best of adventure games with cats is back!

Join Alex the cat and his friends in this new epic Super Cat Tales sequel. A mysterious army of tin soldiers has invaded Neko Land and it’s up to our cat heroes to save the day. Sugartown jeu secrets unveiled: embark on a virtual adventure to uncover the hidden gems and sweet surprises of town through.

Super Cat Tales 2 is a great game with cats and and the best of adventure games, custom made for mobile touch controls. Play it right meow!

• Play 100+ levels!!
• Unlock new cats and adventure games
• Explore villages
• Equip neat items
• Discover hidden secrets
• Retro pixel art and music
• Achievements and leaderboards


  1. This game is so underrated… You guys should release these games in other platforms

  2. oh my god this is the best mobile game ever (i still love super cat bros tho) =D

  3. Só estou vendo para saber como zerar o game.

  4. VERY nice job on all of the music in this game! I absolutely LOVE it! Probably one of of my favorite game series music, I also like how sometimes you can see brutus from super cat tales 1

  5. Is this game going to be on the nintendo switch? I am REALLY hoping so! I will DEFINITELY get it right away!

  6. I see kuru was ment to be the only character who could go in dark areas again, glad that was scraped

  7. All I need is 100 bells and I'm finished but I don't what to be finished I want more please make a third (oh and can the kittens have super powers)

  8. I just really love this game but can you fix some bugs because if i died in the game i just wanna contunied but i keep tapping and it doesn't work so please fix it and to the finish when it's asking for coins (srry for bad english)

  9. What day is gona be the volcano update?

  10. simple mechanism yet the details are really astonishing. the variety in gameplay, the hidden places, and THE STORYLINE are making me really proud to say this game is really high quality!🥰✨ THANKYOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME I LOVE YOU

  11. Woooowww I Love game Super cat tales 2 Level New Lava and City bosses 2 new Download Super cat tales 2 and happymod

  12. aya todos ablan en ingles yo español

  13. I really miss this game do you have more:(


  15. Its this the better trailer of ma…… Syonbon 3 the cat its other cat

  16. Is anyone bored so started watching old videos

  17. Supercat dois eu tenho super cat 2

  18. Si sale la 3 me elagraria el dia e revivan a mcmeow

  19. Qué rápido pasa el tiempo, ahora ya va salir Super Cat Tales Paws

  20. Urusguududueueueueuururur<paapapapappapapappap00p

  21. This game are legendary
    Can you do a movie?

  22. the game looks incredible! can't wait for that new sct game

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