Stephanie Beatriz Meets Mirabel From Disney’s “Encanto” | Disney California Adventure Park

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Stephanie Beatriz, who voices the character of Mirabel from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto,” recently celebrated the film release with a visit to Disney California Adventure park.

For the first time ever, Mirabel joins the “Disney ¡Viva Navidad!” celebration. Among the fun, guests can explore her Colombian traditions and culture and visit Mirabel in a “casita” inspired by the enchanted home of her magical family, taste delicious “arepas con queso” available at a nearby food cart and enjoy live music by El Sabor Bueno, appearing twice a week at Paradise Gardens Bandstand.

Be sure to experience Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” now in theaters!

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  1. The voice of mirabel have my name! 😀

  2. The voice actress meets the character she voices 🙂

  3. Who is this? I only know Rosa.

    Tho- hearing her real voice is weird, Still I’m proud, she’s just amazing. 🥺💅✨

  4. Why does she keep mispronouncing her name. Is mi-ra-bel. I know she in the USA but I don’t like when people mispronounce a Latin name just bc she’s American. No offense

  5. Here is an alternate title for the video. Mirabel meets Mirabel

  6. So weird she sounds like the character it's adorbs

  7. Disney would hire a white girl as a Hispanic 🧐 just like Disney hire Caucasian girls for Jasmines roll. Disney isnt this a problem? You’re stripping authenticity away from the character. Why don’t you hire a brown woman to play the role of Elsa or perhaps Anna?

  8. Mirabel really is the perfect character for a meet and greet. she's so full of energy and amazing with kids.

  9. She’s basically the weirdest actress ever

  10. what a culture ? I will definiteley visit Colombia after Mexico…colourful and full of inspirations

  11. Mirabel I bought your dress and isbella
    S dress

  12. i look like mirabl in real life! glasses,hair,i also sound like mirabel or beatriz!

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  14. darn, I just realised that stephanie's voice sounds just like mirabel!

  15. You said like mirabella did you voice her?

  16. Omg you have so much luck i wish all the magrigals but i was dreaming well disney land is not in french i think my parents mite be lying im scared ill be sad if i dont ill be angry 🙁

  17. So smart Disney they making a video for an English Channel in Spanish it’s like me commenting là îńcœtetó

  18. Haha the fake Mirabel must be embarrassed because Stephanie is Mirabels voice

  19. How many times has the word NO been said at a Florida theme park? They certainly could encourage happy experiences more efficiently… it's an unimaginative place when it comes to serving that.

  20. Really?? This movie was horrify and ugly voice

  21. Mirabel meeting her voice actress in person!

  22. Mirabel i never seen yet going soon! can.t wait to see! pin me?


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