Space Chase – Adventure PE Game: Brain Break (GoNoodle Inspired)

Coach Corey Martin
See if you can escape in this extraterrestrial adventure! Where will you end up??? This GoNoodle inspired brain break is perfect for all ages!

These virtual games are perfect for any PE teacher or classroom teacher looking to get their classroom up and moving. It will be your student’s new favorite brain break series!

*** Don’t forget to check out the many other games in the “chase” series using the links below 👇

Watch the entire Chase series in order here:

Check out other various mini games here:

Thank you for checking out my channel and I hope you enjoy the games!


  1. Student teacher away to incorporate this into my lesson for Scottish p7 kids

  2. My students were already asking for this on Friday!

  3. OMG I am so happy I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Theo in Washington State (6 years old) is so excited! He's been talking about it for days. First thing he talks about every morning. He does all the videos everyday.

  5. My primary and SDC students love these! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  6. Omg! Ur videos inspire me to make animated content. I'm in the middle of making a space vid at this moment n u post this. Puts my vid to shame lol

  7. I’m a Mexican teacher and my students love your videos, thanks for sharing coach. 😎

  8. Thank you so much, my 2nd graders LOVE these games!!

  9. My students and I love these!! Can’t wait to share this with them tomorrow. Such a fun part of our day that we all enjoy. Thank you SO much!

  10. Can you help to find this last song ????

  11. Great job Coach Martin. I appreciate all of your hard work!

  12. Thanks for all the awesome videos. I know it is a lot of work. My kids love them, keep them coming.

  13. A big thank you for making all these amazing chase videos, my kids love it so much.

  14. can you make these more often i really enjoy them

  15. My pe is doing these next and I’m getting a sneak peek 😝

  16. I gave the protagonist character the joke name of Ralfy Runner

  17. My students just LOVE your videos! from Buena Vista School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Any chance for a shout out!? 😀

  18. i love this my friends Will be happy add my party and all ther go in happy

  19. My students LOVE these videos! They keep asking if you will make another "Space Chase"? Thank you for sharing these with the world. It definitely makes virtual teaching more fun!

  20. My first graders cannot get enough of your videos! They are so fun and get all of my students (both in person and virtual) up and moving!

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