Sonic VS Amy! – Sonic and Amy Play Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE

Sonic and Amy Squad
Sonic and Amy Play Sonic Adventure 2 BATTLE 2-Player Versus LIVE!!!  Come join the fun, and share the stream with your friends.  😀 

🎤 Voice Actors:

🔵💨Sonic The Hedgehog (PatchToons):  

🟣💨Amy Rose (Art With Artemis):  

Thumbnail Art By
Art with Artemis: 

(All Sonic Characters rightfully belong to SEGA, these videos are created as a form of fan parodies and reactions intended for the purpose of entertainment)

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  1. It was cool to see the soap shoes in this art style (you don't know how much I want these shoes back🥲)

  2. If no one subs to ur channel I will find them 🙂

  3. Sonic said did you really just kill me????.? It matters makes me laugh😅

  4. Poor amy what sonic done in radical Highway was mean but funny

  5. It is called storming heart not kiss of death

  6. Hey, silicon Amy, sonic dies in sonic 06 by middle of the dark

  7. I am voting Sonic because he is my favourite character

  8. I love your burial sonic versus Amy rose the game

  9. Peppino is faster than sonic

  10. hey squad can you name some intreaseting games i can play on pc

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