Sonic Adventure Online Homepage | Sega Dreamcast

We take a look at the Sonic Adventure Homepage on the Sega Dreamcast.

Original hardware : PAL Dreamcast Console
Original software : PAL Sonic Adventure

We used OBS for the first time so we’ve just done a test to see how it ran. —
When testing how the game ran, the stream quality was awful.

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  1. Does sonic adventure 1 email allow use of the dc mouse

  2. I have a question a time-limoyed evento is a dlc event?

  3. I downloaded the dark Chao somewhat recently. Loving it as I transferred it to the garden. My son did the Christmas DLC one.

  4. You can contact Dan of Dreampipe…btw, thumbs up.

  5. So is this what you get to when you click the "Internet" option on the main menu of SA1?

  6. Which is the best way to connect my Dreamcast online?
    Dial up with ras-pi set up
    Broadband adaptor into router?

  7. FYI the chat was an IRC channel you could connect to back in the day. Man I wish I could contact some of the people I used to talk to there.

  8. you make the video uploading chaos and visiting the black market?

  9. I felt so nostalgic watching this even though I was not even born when it was out lol

  10. I was so hoping you would click on the emblem attack leaderboard, I made the top 10 as “sleath” and wanted to see if I still was there years later

  11. Hey I do like this video I have a Dreamcast and SA2 but not a Dreampi yet but is SA2 has online stuff still

  12. Si with that internet mode can You download dlc content

  13. In adventure 2 was a mode named Home page

  14. So this how You can download dlc?

  15. So the dreamcast games have a options that allows You enter to their website? Cool

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