Sonic Adventure 2 Modern Edition – Final Rush Beat Drop Spring Sync #shorts

Marius Urucu
Full video here:

I just think it’s cool 🙂

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  1. This level would be boring without the rail grinding balance technique in sonic adventure games

  2. Having only ever played the GameCube version of adventure 2, I never knew rail grinding could get that fast.

  3. Final Rush is a hard stage but it has an awesome soundtrack

  4. Everyone likes this but if sega made it everyone would hate

  5. We need a Sega remasted bundle where we get a remastered Sonic Adventure, Sonic adventure 2, and Sonic heroes with upgraded graphics, story, and gameplay

  6. I prefer the texture, patterns, colors and tones of the original
    This is nice, but i think they should have just smoothed out the polygons and left all the flavour

  7. Wow, the springs synced with every beat too.

  8. I hate this stage so much but it’s fun tho and the music is fire I’m just bad

  9. Sonic Generations should have included this stage

  10. There’s Something Missing I Can’t Remember…. Now I Do! WHERE’S SONIC’S SOAP SHOES/GRIND SHOES?!

  11. This isnt the original… please credit the cover artist… pretty sure it's Jack (ToxicXEternity)

  12. That beat drop + Spring sync was SO FIRE.

  13. Don't much like this stage or SA2 in general but this does look pretty damn cool 👌

  14. No matter how fast he is, those rings he left behind still manage to catch up

  15. Do you still fall right through the rails occasionally? It's not a truely faithful remake unless I'm constantly swearing at the game.

  16. We absolutely NEED sonic adventure 3 with brand new Chao worlds and everything

  17. How did 3d sonic games stray so far from perfection?

  18. Final Rush is my favorite level in this game

  19. Чё там за лётчик за клавиатурай, я, 2 года играю – так не могу

  20. The game that left me speechless and completely forget about the existance of ps2. Damn, even my friend who had an xbox was shocked by how cool and good this game was and looked

  21. No soap shoes!?!?! 0/10! Straight downgrade! Unplayable!

    (This is a joke, this looks cool as hell)

  22. Seeing the forces model with jason griffith's voice in an SA2 Stage feels so bizarre. Especially since I thought this was a Generations mod

  23. Seeing modern sonic in this game is so weird.

    I dont think I'd be able to use modern mods in SA2, i play the game still mostly for nostalgia and honestly i really like the models in SA2

  24. We interrupt this video to bring you Sonic Generations 2.

  25. No Sonic game has ever made stages like Sa2 ever!

  26. We ignoring the timing with the song and 4 springs?

  27. Bro its the same the only thing that changes is sonic model 💀

  28. I like how the music synced to the spring bounces in the beginning.

  29. love the character animations for sonic in this one

  30. Well this aged beautifully considering the Generations port will have this level

  31. Something about this don’t hit nearly as hard

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