Sonic Adventure 2: Battle by Dage4 in 32:04 – Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online

Games Done Quick
Runner introduction starts at 0:26
Run starts at 1:18
Commentary is provided by Drakodan and Seraphim1313
Argick is host

This speedrun was recorded during Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2021 Online, find us at:

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  1. Really fun run. An unbelievably solid runner, and god level commentary.

  2. one of the most hype runs ive seen in a LONG time, incredible!!


  4. This is the best hero story run ive seen at gdq

  5. Starting the game off with a big skip already!! Lets go! No pause! Lets go!

  6. Ya broke it. It was already broken and now it's even more broke.

  7. real time with loads puts him at MINIMUM 3rd place. i think this may have been a world record run

  8. Nobody ever gives credit to the OG SA2 on Sega Dreamcast 🙁

  9. "It's been an honor being Dage4 for y'all." Dage came out as trans shortly after this. You can tell that she had something on her mind at the end of the run and maybe this amazing run gave her the confidence to come out, really beautiful. What an amazing player!

  10. I love how Seraphim still gets rly hyped about the game and how Katie managed to get the hard tricks but mess up the "easy" ones

  11. Amazing run, congrats to Dage4! Great commentary as well

  12. I've never heard a couch that was more hype than any commentator in any sports game…. but this…. this is just amazing ♥

  13. this the the greatest run I've seen in a long while. love the runner, love the commentators.

  14. What a great run. Had no idea about this kid, been following sa2 runners since about 2016 but its cool to see new people coming in and doing so good especially at a gdq. This game was my childhood, this was so fun to watch

  15. the music in this game is really just top notch wall to wall

  16. Sonic adventure 2 runs are always fun, but this was so HYPE!!

  17. Okay this guy is a freaking monster at this game. Well done👏🏾

  18. Everytime I see a sonic Speedrun, with the exception of the obvious glitches, i always feel like I've been playing these games all wrong. I haven't played sonic forces, but me being the casual I am, I won't know even notice.

  19. holy moly dage this is unreal u are sonic legend

  20. This is the best run I've ever seen

  21. Sonic just bounces at light speed on shadow and he dies LMAOOOO

  22. Blown away at the phenomenal execution, what an incredible run

  23. Whenever I played this as a kid my mum would be like “how can you even tell what’s going on??”, I gotta show her this lmao. I always told her “don’t look at sonic, look at where you’re going”

  24. I can’t believe I didn’t watch GDQ sooner this is SO exciting to watch 👀👀👀

  25. This run is legendary and will never get old

  26. So proud of you for this amazing run and your transition! Love from the midwest!

  27. This run and presentation was fantastic, great job!

  28. amazing gameplay and commentating was great!

  29. I came back to watch this video, because the commentary and strats used in this game kept this run so entertaining!

  30. Runner introduction starts at 0:26

    Run starts at 1:18

    Commentary is provided by Drakodan and Seraphim1313

    Argick is host

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