So I played SONIC ADVENTURE 2 For The First Time…

Retro Rebound
In celebration of the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie releasing, I decided to play Sonic Adventure 2 for the first time. This is a game I have heard nothing but good things about for years. I only just played Sonic Adventure 1 for the first time a couple of months ago and loved it. Did SEGA “live and learn” from the errors of Sonic Adventure 1 and make a better game this time around? Only one way to find out…

I Played SONIC ADVENTURE 1 For The First Time:

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  1. It's kinda funny, Matty. The game you were wishing for in this video IS Sonic 06.

  2. Dude thank you for giving it an honest shot and being open minded. This is a really fair review of a twenty year old game that I personally cherish. It's refreshing because it's the popular thing to bandwagon against Sonic games in general. Thanks for the nice video

  3. You did what for the first time!?!? Oh, you played Sonic adventure 2.

  4. You are an outlier. This game is a classic.

  5. You're not wrong my man, SA2 is a downgraded SA1 in pretty much every sense, I honestly could only see myself liking 2 more if I had grown up with it and had years worth of nostalgia

  6. Just subbed man, awesome video man, have u played Sonic Mania, Sonic Generation's and Sonic Colors Ultimate beginning to end, just curious? 😊

  7. Favorite game all time! City escape is the funnest sonic level all time in my opinion.
    I like your video. Sub coming your way Sir 😉

  8. The non linear radar tracker mod for the trasure hunting already makes those levels a lot more playable and fun, meanwhile fixing Eggman&Tails movement and camera, that's much more difficult.

    It's possible to improve those things, then we are left with the things can't be fixed, like errors in the plot, the old graphics, and bad voice acting moments…

    Still, OG Sonic Adventure would win as a better game due to pacing. I never liked separating the stories by hero and dark and not making them non-linear like in SA1, the game forces me to play the Hero first and i don't like the order for the stages.

    SA1 nailed the structure better because it's focused on the characters.

  9. Someone tell ProJared that this is how you do a balanced/critical review

  10. It made me so disappointed when Sonic Heroes came out a few years later and the story was virtually nonexistent. The series honestly has some interesting lore and characters, but they've never really fully utilized them. I think Sonic 06 came the closest to recapturing what made the Adventure series great but still didn't quite stick the landing. Especially in terms of gameplay. We all prayed for Sonic Adventure 3 for years, but honestly at this point I'd much rather see them remake SA1 and SA2 with updated graphics and controls.

  11. Ok but why do you low-key kinda look like Troy baker

  12. Completely agree about shadow, I always thought they did him a disservice by bringing him back. Precisely because I liked him so much, they should have let him die in SA2.

  13. I remember playing the demo for Sonic Adventure 2, with my copy of Phantasy Star Online. Later buying my copy for the Dreamcast. Crazy I think about it, it has now been 20 years since that day.

    9/9/99 was a wild ride for the first game, because I could not find a copy day one of the first game, until Toys R US had a bundle.

    SA2 was one of those games I had with the 10th anniversary bundle. The box, CD, booklet, and coin.

    The game itself is wild. The missions take some adjusting to, but it can be intense. It is crazy how big those levels truly were. Both games are similar yet totally different. But the experience of completing the journey, especially unlocking the third part of the story. That level.. jeezus.

    My favorite part about the Adventure series is the music. From stages, to character themes. Cool part with both games, the more you play, the more music you can unlock.

    Chao Garden. That is an experience
    With the VMU, or GBA, you could take them out of the game, and can raise them with mini games+ rewards. When back in the game, their stats increase, plus can evolve, Mature and even mate with another Chao. There is a light and dark theme with them as well which is fascinating.

    The story..that end is beautiful and heartbreaking. SA2 had so many unique ideas. Yup Adventure 2 was the last.

    SEGA nearly went out of business. But was able to rebound.

  14. it's kinda funny how you play sao2 when sonic the hedgehog movie 3 will have shadow

  15. I respect your opinion but this is number 1 sonic game and you can’t make me change my mind (I have played adventures 1 so I know what I am talking about)

  16. As a lover of classic games. I’m sad to hear this is your first time playing it. Subbed to you anyways!!

  17. well, some complains are spot on, specially the one from the radar of the treasure hunters levels, but over other things I think maybe you are below average and bad at playing it. I don't know if some of the scenes of gameplay on this video is you playing SA2, that would made it clear ( also I was expecting to see you playing the game not only some talking (it's the first video I watch from you) ), but also at the way you talk about dying on some parts, you reminded me of my 6 years old nephew the first time he tried this game.
    So I just have to say: Git Gud at sonic games dude

  18. SA2 wasn't supposed to be the last Sonic game. It was the last for the dream cast which was the last console Sega created but that's all.

  19. I can't exactly remember how old I was when this came out fuckin hell

  20. So many good memories as a kid both adventure games go down in history as 2 very important 3d sonic games! The true sonic 64! Absolute classics!

  21. play sonic 1 2 3&k and cd they are in my opinion peak platforming

  22. Your girlfriend is right, it's the best one. "Don't worry buddy "

  23. Its really ironic that you sound exactly like Sonic or an animated Spider-man.

  24. I also have a hard time with fans despite being a huge fan of the series myself, so I can understand and maybe even relate to you. But definitely, surely, the fanbase doesn't take away from the experience. Sonic Adventure 2 is a gem, and as I'm quite early in the video, I'll be looking forward to hear your thoughts.


  25. Most of the glithces and bugs came from the so called "Better Ports" of the game hahah, the original Dreamcast version doesn't have as many at all and is the debatable best way to play the game, so keep that in mind.
    The Knuckles Levels are so fundamentally flawed in comparison to SA1, it's not even fair.

    "Me stuck in Death Chamber for 50 minutes*

  26. I think one of the most important things to realize is that these games were the best on the Dreamcast, to the point of where the DX and Battle versions of these games (which were basically ports) aren't properly representative of the original vision on a lot of aspects.
    From things like Sonic's design, to lighting and effects to physics.

    While it's not easy to get the Dreamcast versions nowadays there are mods out there that mod the PC version to be more like the Dreamcast version

  27. A 10 year old me could not follow this game for the life of me when we got it on GameCube, but I spent so much time in the chao garden—which I pronounced KO garden.

  28. By far the best 3d sonic game to date. Me and my little brother spent months perfecting how to get a chaos chao and we ended up with 2 of each angel, chaos, and devil. Pumpkin hill has one of the best video game tracks ever. All the levels are fun, hidden chao boxes, upgrades etc. If you completed all the missions for a character you could unlock a hidden multiplayer costume and/or new skins for the kart racing.
    This game is definitely core memory tier for me.

  29. I wish I could replay this for the first time again

  30. Hot take but you sound like you would do an impeccable Sonic voice over

  31. At the end credits of sonic 2 it would be insane for them not to make sonic adventure 2 basically the 3rd movie

  32. Played the hell out of Sonic Adventure 2 as a teen, both on my uncles Dreamcast and then finally had it for my own on GameCube. And I can’t say the hive mind negativity regarding the games quality hasn’t tarnished my opinion on the game, based on nothing else but that opinion being regurgitated throughout gaming discussion on the whole these past 20 years. Recently, I’ve been playing it again for the first time since my teens, and I genuinely mean this, Sonic Adventure 2 is one of the greatest 3D platformers every made. The level design is SO replayable, like I couldn’t believe, by design. I remember as a teen just replaying levels over and over not even always for higher ranks or to get better, just Kuz they were so fun. And I quickly found myself back in that feedback loop once I completed the story modes. I wasn’t expecting Knuckles’ gameplay to be a highlight, I’ve A ranked all his levels before even getting to all of the characters extra missions. Rouge too, and they both are such a blast to control in their wide open levels, compared to how Knux controls in SA1 (100% SA1 just before this recent SA2 playthrough btw) so snappy in SA2. I would honestly love to have the treasure hunting gameplay style return in some form, would be perfect in an open world, but I’m sure Frontiers will be just Sonic playable again 😢. The speed stages feel so good to learn well, and execute. The chao garden feels so deliberately designed to be played in conjunction with the platforming stages, replayability means more resources for your chao, means more reasons to get better at the levels, means more resources for your chao, etc. they’re not two game modes in one package. They’re a single game. The mech stages are a blast, ya the jump kinda blows for precise platforming, ya the treasure hunting radar is not perfect, yes it had things they could’ve improved on in an Adventure 3. As if SM64 and Sunshine don’t have their issues too, and Sunshine still manages to be my favourite 3D Mario, despite it being the one with the most issues, Kuz probably not until Odyssey had Mario felt so responsive and expressive to control, etc (another topic I won’t get into here lol 🤩). Every work of art has imperfections. There’s just too much good in SA2 for me really care, tbh lol. Honestly, it’s up there with S3&K and Mania for me, thanks to replaying it and realizing all the shit talking around the game we’ve been hearing all these years is just that, shit talking. SA2 FOREVER 🖤🖤🖤

    (Oh, and the story fucking RULES!)

  33. If you've only played the ports, you haven't played Sonic Adventure or Adventure 2, you've played the buggy versions of Adventure DX and 2: Battle.
    2 has less added issues, but the first game doesn't have 95% of the bugs the DX version has.
    You haven't played Sonic Adventure or Adventure 2.

  34. Bro I’m 13 and I played years before wtf have u been doing with ur life

  35. Heh, only 10 minutes into the video but for the most part it seems like your opinion on Sonic Adventure 2 (especially compared to Sonic Adventure 1) mirrors my own.
    I'm quite pleasantly surprised, because alot of people seem to simp for Sonic Adventure 2, but they never really seem to look at it quite so analytically or objectively. it seems to boil down to three to four reasons for these people really:
    1 ) The elephant in the room, the introduction of Shadow. Suppose you could also tie the main theme "Live & Learn" and it's popularity into this too.
    2) It was the first Sonic game they ever really played, being the first Sonic game ever on a Nintendo Console. Similar to how some people think that FFVII is the best Final Fantasy ever (it's simply the first one they played; We need a scientific term for this really, seems it's too specific to be explained properly as just 'nostalgia').
    3) The multiplayer 'Battle' feature.
    4) The Chao garden.
    And people seem to put an exaggerated value on these things. Gameplay wise….yeah, you are absolutely spot on. The only "good" stages are the Sonic/Shadow ones…the rest leave alot to be desired from a gameplay perspective. This wasn't the case in Sonic Adventure 1, where the only "bad" stages were Big's, and they were few. Don't get me wrong, the soundtrack is banging, but it just makes the poorer gameplay in the Mech Shooter and Treasure Hunt levels more tolerable, it doesn't excuse it.

  36. I agree with your take. SA1 was always better than SA2 overall. But the highs in SA2 was what made it more memorable for people. I could replay City Escape and Metal Harbor level on repeat and never grow board because they are so freaking fun.

  37. spoilers for sonic 2 in this comment!!

    i find it so cool that you decided to play adventure 2 randomly, and then they teased shadow's introduction in the movie :DD

  38. The Sonic series was never supposed to end after SA2. In actuality this was supposed to be Shadow’s first and only appearance in the franchise. But due to how popular he was with fans they decided to bring him back and he’s basically a series regular at this point. Depending on who you ask the decision to bring him back after SA2 was for better or for worse.

  39. If you miss funny sounding Knuckles you are going to LOVE the second Sonic Movie.

  40. I rented the game many times as a young teen mainly for the Chao Garden feature. So you're not wrong.
    My issues with the game was some of the voice acting being cheesy at times, as well as how the music volume wasn't toned down to make the character voices audible enough during cutscenes.

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