Sniper versus sniper

Sniper versus sniper
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  1. Is the last voice is the widow maker voice Or sombra? Hhhhh

  2. Wow I didn't think one of our small country's people would be in your vid

  3. The fact that the laugh at the end actually sounds like Bea makes it even funnier lol

  4. I want a remach , sound like something bstrix would say , or atleast bstrix players

  5. One shoots marshmallows while the other shoots a real bullet

  6. I think Lesley's"one shot one kill" line should go to Beatrix on this one.

  7. Well, the Beatrix was lvl 8 and the Lesley was lvl 7 so… 😅

  8. Umm Lesley's Gun Is A Kilo Bolt, While Bea's Gun Is A Sniper.

  9. Me: :Getting deafening :I WANT A REMATCH
    My teams: Bro Beatrix is pro
    Beatrix;haha So bad

  10. Imagine Luo Yi's Flameshot hit
    Welp there you have it, the best sniper in the game.

  11. DMR vs Bolt Action Sniper Player be like:

  12. if only Luo Yi sacrificed her HP for Lesley…

    maybe no one will die ??

  13. it's just like you were using AWP against long range yet tank killer Baretta😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Those voices are from gravity falls, that one mini golf episode

  15. nah beatrix is the real sniper ,ashley is rudal launcher in form of sniper

  16. “Aldous Laughing in the Corner” Time to DIE

  17. This exact thing happened to me lmao i was using my ult with les but bea finished me off with the renner ult😂

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