Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure – PART 1 – Under The Sea

Everything’s better, when you are wetter, take it from meeeeee. Sea Monsters for the PS2 – hooray!

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure allows players to interact in a prehistoric world of sea creatures. Players can control Thalassomedon, Henodus, Temnodontosaurus, Tylosaurus, Dolichorhynchops and Nothosaurus as they complete challenges, fight over sea creatures and attempt to discover a wide-range of fossils.

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  1. Holy shit I never noticed this game for years! Damn it…

  2. I remember having a movie very similar to this

  3. This player is completely incapable ffs!! Hahaha

  4. I didn't give jack shit about how wonky the controllers were. Just the idea that you are able to play as multiple prehistoric sea creatures was one of my wishlists and thankfully, my dad gifted me this game, and I had a blast.

  5. I wish we can play this game in our phone 🙁 i really miss playing this game 🙁

  6. Yeah the game is kinda bad to be completely honest, but I grew up with this on my Wii and I found the game to be frustrating yet super fun in the way someone from the 90’s might remember Crash Bandicoot, minus the goofiness. I was touched by the film after seeing it at the Liberty Science Centers 180 screening during my prehistory obsessed and “walking with” series bingeing childhood, and when I learned a game existed I was SO eager to get it. It might not have the greatest graphics, or the best controls, but completing it was like a series of trials for me that while frustrating, felt SO GOOD to beat. This game and the film that inspired it hold a special place in my heart.

    Most people grew up with made up worlds like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, and while I liked those too as a child, Dinosaurs and Prehistory were always so much cooler to me because they were real, just as real as the skin on you fingers, or the grass in your yard, or any other animal today.

    That, above anything else, is what makes them so cool to me.

  7. As a kid i saw this in a bookfair and i begged my parents for it and i didnt get it but now i can finally see what i missed out

  8. I used to have this game, i got it the night i bought the incredibles rise of the underminer

  9. I thought this was made by the gaming beaver

  10. i remember seeing the documentary at the telus science center

  11. OMG I had so many Dinosaur games for my DS as a kid and I wouldn’t know how to play any of them.
    I got to the first mission in this one and couldn’t understand it, couldn’t finish it, and just swam through the ocean all the time.

    And it was creepy cause I thought it’s supposed to be like that..

  12. I used to LOVE this game. Recently started another playthrough. Last time I played the game I was around 8. I'm 19 now, so it's been a while. The soundtrack still slaps. The Wii controls were sort of easier to use, but the graphics were worse.

  13. I remember being lost in caves in this game lmao

  14. One day mine just stopped working:’( I had gotten to unlock tylosaurus and the fast one

  15. This game scared the shit out of me when I played it as a kid

  16. i fucking love this game i wish i could play it again

  17. looks interesting
    may b i shall download this for pcsx2

  18. This was the only game I played when I had H1N1.

  19. i was so terrified of this game when i was little omg

  20. This game was alright. I had it for the Wii as a kid, but I barely played it mostly because of the controls. Ok game, bad controls, but good lord was the DS port BAD. I bought the DS version because I wanted to feel the nostalgia, and I couldn't even play it. The controls were bad in addition to barely being able to see what's on the tiny screen. Everything was so blurry that I couldn't tell the difference between whats what.

  21. Bro my elementary school had this book and i loved that book

  22. I swear I never beat this game, I legit thought it was broken because I couldn’t progress at some point no matter what I tried.

  23. This game was so hard to me as a kid, I also was terrified of the deep water and I’m pretty sure this game and endless ocean are the reason I have thalassophobia

  24. oml i remember i used to watch your channel 24/7 and i remember and love this series so much

  25. Anyone else watching this years in the future. I still own this game its fun XD

  26. Okay, so I thought I was crazy for years because I had this game on my ds lite when I was a kid and I lost the game after a few weeks but I loved the game. So, I began searching for another ds card and failed. I’ve been searching for this game to know that it was actually real for years because it’s been almost 10 years since I had played/touched a ds. Now that I am seeing this, it makes me feel at peace.

  27. I love the film so this is nostalgic for me but god the film was so sad😢😢😢😢 does anyone agree?

  28. bro just the intro brings back good old memories

  29. so im watching this for nostalgia because i played this when i was a kid even though i was TERRIFIED of it but you literally made this way less scary and so much more entertaining and comforting! it's got wholesome vibes and i love that 😀

  30. i been trying to remember the name of this game for years and i only just now discover it randomly in my youtube recommended… lol oh man

  31. Is this game set in Prehistoric Kansas like TV show was

  32. i just randomly remembered your channel, you are the first gaming youtuber that i ever watched! i remember coming home from school and watching this series repeatedly, and i even bought the same game and wrote "flipidy floop" on the case. great memories, glad to see you're still doing content! ❤❤

  33. I played the shit out of this on the wii when I was a kid I felt so damn proud when I beat it

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