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When the army of space monsters landed on Earth, they destroyed it. As one of the last survivors, you must fight and destroy the undead monsters in order to rebuild a peaceful world. Begin the adventure by attempting to escape while also protecting the last survivors.
Monsters such as the undead are everywhere. They go after humans and attack them. The rescue mission becomes exponentially more difficult, presenting the player with suffocating challenges.
This is a game that combines many different games, such as survival games with adventure games and action games with tower defense games. The entire world is waiting for you to save it.
– Survive among the monsters that surround you
– Use all means to increase your survival time
– The better the item you choose, the better your chances of survival
– Divide the skill sets of each type of hero
– Create a flexible strategy
– Destroy monsters and become the last survivor.
To defeat the undead monsters, touch, hold, and move the hero.
Choose support items to increase your survival time.
Collect as much equipment as possible during the adventure to improve your combat skills.

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