Scary Secrets and Theories in Super Bear Adventure! #superbearadventure #scary



  1. Maybe the last thing in turtle town it is a house for purple turtle like purple bear

  2. Wait i know how did purple bear get capitalus in Hub he kidnapped capitalus and KILLED HIM purple bear hide the capitalus head under the elevator so know one is ever found capitalus again but capitalos has a another brother when theyre child after middle age!

  3. 😢😭😢😭😢 aku takut Halloween

  4. I lost all my progress in sba l will have to restart again

  5. I think the reason why the house is not in the village like the others is bc something happend there. My theory that the reason why they moved it there is because there was actually a more powerfull source than the puprle honey and that source can be anything probably a secret factory of fhe cubes bareen's brother had. (Its my opinion)


  7. Когда вы найдете этот переключатель, вы сможете открыть эту пещеру

  8. я ни че не понела новидио классное😁😁😁

  9. Down In Down-Mileoa Fiamo(Bear Catuis Head 2)

  10. hey you find the cave lever so make vid on cave lever pls

  11. nah the cave theory is totally bad and fake cause there is people that installed noclip mod and looked behing qnd there's nothing it just a wall

  12. in ice valley there is a nice secret it not scary but it part of the game story in the snow cave (the small one in the lobby with a soccer ball in it) there is a hole in the water and u end up in bareen brother old house

  13. My theory is :

    1. The alive Capitalus that we saw of the beginning of Super Bear Adventure game is actually the fake one and the real one is dead and use Capitalus head for decoration

    2. There were no caves at all is just your imaginations and that's why you can't get inside that cave because it doesn't exist

    3. That house actually has a owner but they're dead and now it's abandoned

  14. ❤🎉

  15. I think the house in turtle village Is the purple bear?


  16. First of all it's a kid's game and it's not about killing second of all you can not open the ice because its details you need don't believe what you see on the internet some are real some aren't there are no switch to open the cave it's a lie , that kapitalus is just detail ok story's fake not real all fake

  17. The cave is a dead End If you got a Mod that flys You its a dead end

  18. In the new update easter egg number 2
    already revealed if you do collect all stickers in ice map sequentially
    You can get look the baby yeti is sleeping

  19. Capitalus head can be only a toy(A threathe for capitalus

  20. I know more secrets… Ask me if you want, readers!

  21. 1:Capitalus on new version was'nt in his location,he probably died and purple bear put an AL on his place
    2:The cave is the secret hide of purple bear.If u install the mod you can fight him with baaren and not shicka
    3:Some people decided to abandon the town to flee from purple honey

  22. Kids moment:its scary😱
    Adult moment:is not scary-_-🙂

  23. 0:01 theory:capitalus’ head looks like a bear look suspicious and he is a capitalus imposter and the head fallen off it was a bear and the bear was killed by barrens brother

  24. …😳I saw those scary secrets 💀Oof

  25. My theory:

    1.ofc bareen's bro killed capitalus but he respawned bc u cant kill npcs. (nor enimes)

    2.there is a another secret yeti in this cave wich is the yeti's friend.

    3.they tottaly stayed there bc they wanted to spectate the whole turtle village to see when the purple honey is made.

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