Scary Horror Escape Walkthrough [AAA Adventure Games]

AAA Scary Horror Escape Walkthrough [AAA Adventure Games]
For Android:
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  1. Thanks a lot! To me this game was pretty hard at some parts…

  2. Thats retarded i cant pass the dumb pump in the 3rd or 4th part how do i click the crowbar?????

  3. Can anybody plzz tell me how yo drag objects from the storage area

  4. Thank you على مساعدتك لنا في اللعبة

  5. صراحة لعبة تجنننننن وتشغل العقل 😍

  6. The last math clue on the wall is 3+3+6+9+15 = 36 not 39 so something messed up there. But overall fun.

  7. Thanks alot to help us this game is a dot of toughness but you help us

  8. How did u assume that the door lock code is 5489

  9. how can you dodge the thing?im using laptop so it kinda you do that?/

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