Scary Horror escape game AAA Adventure games walkthrough прохождения @GAMEBOX801

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Video scary Horror 2:

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Download The Game for Android: Scary Horror 2


New episodes of the game are here:


  1. علاه مكانش الجزء الثاني

  2. How did you get this numbers 5489

  3. I think I missed it, but how did you get the last code? The 7020 one

  4. Thanks you finally I finish this game

  5. I play it by myself but a bit 🥲💔

  6. How did you solve the code 5481?? After charging the battery put the battery there but how did you solve the code??

  7. How did you get the shapes for 15:52 ? I got the Roman numerals but have no idea about the shapes!

  8. In 9th stage how do you open the locker

  9. I'm trying to pass the metals hanging can't do it ohhh kinda hard 🤔🤔

  10. Объясните пожалуйста формулу откуда он взял цифры на кодовом замке

  11. its makes me laughing when i see u scratch the match in Matchbox and nothing happen.. its frustrating huh

  12. Thank you, but when I reach the hospital stage, I can't turn on the patient's light, so please help me

  13. Meu tu pode me ajudar como faz para passar de frase desse jogo😅

  14. 23:15 de 5489 olduğunu nasıl bildin anlatır mısın (yaşıyorsan tabii)🙂

  15. 19:17 😂😂😂😂😂 bende orda olup durdum ama teşekur free hints

  16. Does anyone know how I'm supposed to find the brail number code? 😅 I can't figure out how you find that code 😊

  17. لحمي كشبت مت با الخلعة هاديك الي فلمرايا

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