Save The Dinosaurs! From 3-D Dinosaur Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version Part 1

This was requested by powerpup97.
This is a Zoomscape activity/game from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. It was the last activity to choose from on the bar/list thingy. This is from the orignaly MS-DOS Version

The difference Between the Windows version and DOS version is that the Windows version its in a random order every time you play and in the DOS version its same order everytime you play. Also the music in the windows version is from the orignal T-rex Vs. Treciatops video in 3-D Dinosaur Adventure. The orignal DOS verison of this does not have any music

The key how to beat this is to get all the Dinosaurs in the 3 time periods before the comet hits.Prehistoric Bugs start to apear after you save the 1st few dinosaurs. The way how to get past them is to Zap them by clicking your mouse.

Anyways Enjoy the video!

If there are any acitivties, music, movies or games from 3-D Body, Kids Zoo, 3-D Dinosaur, Speed, Space and or Undersea Adventure PLEASE let me know and i’ll be glad to post it

Part 1 of 2

3-D Dinosaur Adventure
Orignal MS-DOS Version
Knowledge Adventure 1994


  1. I'd like to thank Doc Brown for being the main dinosaur

  2. Man, me and my friends could never beat this game when we were little. Every time we ran into the dromaeosaurs we would crack up so hard that we would waste precious time. It's still hilariously cheesy RRRRRAAAAARRRRR! XD

  3. This game honestly was awesome, except for this part of the game. "Save the Dinosaurs" honestly scared the shit out of me and to this day I refuse to go into my basement to retrieve the game. I'm 18 years old and can play "Dead Island" and "Dead Space 2" on xbox with nobody home and all the lights turned off in complete silence and still have fun, but I tried watching this video and only made it a quarter of the way in and turned it off with my 15 year old brother at my side. (He's also deathly

  4. Rocky54167, you just made me REALLY happy by uploading this vid/ gameplay:-) I used to play it all the time on my Packard Bell computer during the early 90's! It surely brings back good old memories from my childhood. Thanks a lot.

  5. Back when I played this I nearly always jumped when I ran into the Dromeosaurus.

  6. All I remember from this game was running into the velociraptors around a corner and hearing "RAAAAAAAR"

  7. Ever hear of knowledge adventure Random House kids Encyclopedia?

  8. Spoiler alert: you didn't save any of them

  9. When I buy my own house, I am going to buy one of these old Packard Bell computers off eBay!

  10. I hate it playing is part of the game cuz everytime I turn the corner the velociraptors were there and they will go "RRRRR" AND IT WOULD SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME LOL

  11. Am I the only one who got scared of this part as a kid? ;w;

  12. this game terrified the hell out of me when I was a kid. The failing part was the worst. the count down and not knowing where to go UGH hello nightmares. I dont think I clicked on one hint. probly couldnt read

  13. Nostalgia. I remember playing this on my Packard Bell computer. My first computer and pc games.

  14. They should remake this game… I wouldnt buy it though. I think with the graphics it will scare me again!! (lol im still a big baby!) smh

  15. This game scared me so much that I didn't even play the games because I couldn't get past the cut scenes lol! 😂

  16. Remember the part where the dinosaur sees you and starts running at the screen?? I used to scare my little sister saying it saw her and was gonna eat her and she would scream and cry hahahaha the memories..

  17. this reminds me of my child hood growing up in the 90s this game was so scary then

  18. Thank you. I was trying to remember this game.

  19. I used to spend the entire time running into dromaeosaurus and screaming

  20. Yay! Another epic game!!!! Wow, goes WAY back!!!

  21. I wonder if all these early games were so scary because they were SO NEW to us and society? The FIRST computer games of their kind, yeah, there were video games, but…

  22. Thank thank thank you! I've been searching for this game for years! I couldn't remember the name. It was a cherished game my older brother and I played as little kids. Thank you kind sir.

  23. For some reason, Knowledge Adventure games always had a part that defied science (ex. this game had going back in time, and 3D Body Adventure had going inside the body… which I love, but I only like the John Davis part in that game.) I feel like the producer from the Magic School Bus.

  24. I had no clue what the fuck this game was as a toddler. My dad sat me down on this or the NES while I had solo existential crises

  25. I wonder how much of this is inaccurate because it's outdated and how much is. inaccurate because the developers couldn't be bothered to fact check.

  26. I was searching for this, trying to re-call what it was called..oh the memories.

  27. This whole packard bell pack-in game series was a huge part of my childhood. Thanks for the upload.

  28. I remember trying to complete this and only finding out that I could shoot the bugs when I got surrounded by them and hit the space bar in a panic. Lol.

  29. Whoah, I THINK this was the first videogame I ever played. Must have been like 3-4 when they had a PC in my kindergarten. Fun times. Also freaked me out a bit sometimes lol.

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