SANTEE | Glenn Ford | Michael Burns | Full Length Western Movie | English | HD | 720p


A bounty hunter takes in the son of a man he killed.
Glenn Ford – Santee
Michael Burns – Jody
Dana Wynter – Valerie
Jay Silverheels – John Crow


  1. indi Para o poe Por/ – mangue

  2. Who is the singer of the background song?

  3. Glenn Ford must have been hard up for cash to do this POS.

  4. Por favor traducir al español, gracias.

  5. Какая-то жизнь спокойная, – и тут же пуля в лоб- ну как в РФ.

  6. And not one bit of CGI or blue or green screens just direction and acting.

  7. Never cared for Glenn Ford in westerns. He always had the element of a scoundrel about him.

  8. This should be called The Advertisers Club. Every few minutes you get one.

  9. The Spanish Vaquero is the foundation of a cowboy

  10. Topnotch western…does not get much better…

  11. Should play with guns might have to much fun seriously should be safe! people should be safe and throw stones only or even safer skip stones on a river or a lake!

  12. Gosh, I forgot how much I liked Glenn Ford. He reminds me of my Dad and all the ranchers I grew up with in Dakota.

  13. Ótimo filme.uma bela história.obrigado ok

  14. É a quinta vês que assisto, muito bom, recomendo.

  15. Jan.6th was obviously a set-up and was orchestrated by the left. The whole thing was planned and carried out and many in Washington know that is a fact.

  16. I had made holsters from carpet itlet me think couple years ago I was the sheriff thank yo

  17. Ford just does NOT SUIT Westerns…not believable

  18. อนันต์ ไวนวัตร says:


  19. Bom filme boa história parabéns obrigado

  20. Very underrated; excellent performances beautifully filmed settings.

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