Sackboy: A Big Adventure vs LittleBigPlanet 3 | Direct Comparison

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A graphic and gameplay comparison of the new Sackboy: A Big Adventure to LittleBigPlanet 3.

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  1. personally, im probably not getting sackboy a big adventure, it just doesnt give the same feeling that the LBP games gave me, heck, even LBP karting managed to nail it! i just.. i dunno, LBP has a tight place in my heart and that will never change, i just dont find it to have that same flate that hooked me with the LBP games… if you like sackboy a big adventure, go ahead! i hope you create new memories and have a blast! but ill be waiting hopefully for a LBP 4

  2. here is a tip, if you press the left or right stick im SABA sackboy will close his hands (✊),point(👆),make a 2 (✌️),make a thumbs up (👍) and even a Rock and roll sign (🤘)

  3. I love hearing the old sounds in the new game.

  4. To me, Sackboy a big Adventure is a disappointment because it doesn’t have create mode and create mode is my favorite feature in little big planet franchise

  5. I don’t care how much better the pic quality is lbp 1+2 were much better than big adventure.. was lbp 3 as good as 1 and 2???

  6. You can’t compare there both different games

  7. No multiplayer mini games is a big let down, but the rest is great.


  9. I just wished MM(Media Molecule) would come back and make ONE more LBP, I could die happy then. They were literally the reason our childhood was so good. Even though I still had some love for lbp3, I knew something was kinda off and then I learned they stopped after 2 (WELL THEY STOPPED AFTER LBP KARTING) and gave it to other developers.

  10. Comparing LBP3 and SABA is like trying to compare Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure. They're the same character, but in radically different games.

  11. It's not correct compare 2 different videogames of a same franchise in this case, cuz the gameplay between LBP and SB is totally different. It's better call it a review or compare them between ps4 ans ps5

  12. New Big Super Sackboy brothers 3D World Adventure 2

  13. It's official. I don't like the game. No mostly in depth character creator. dies

  14. Nope i hate ps5 littlebigplanet3 is more better

  15. I Like A Big Adventure way better than Little big planet.

  16. Maybe sack boy should invite Mario I mean he invited dang near everyone except Mario even Sonic. He can invite mega Man to if he didn't already and Pack Mac

  17. Oddsock Swoop and Toggle are my friend's in real life while I play Sack boy Run!

  18. I'm genuinely thinking about getting this game but I wish my friends had the ps5 it's more available rn so I might try to convince them

  19. When you're moving your hands in SABA you press down the joysticks to change sackboy's hands

  20. I do hope we get an actual new little big planet game. It was just so fun playing levels made by others with my friends.

  21. sackboy looks dead in the eyes in a big adventure.

  22. i would be fine with the super mario 3d land ripoff if they are going to make a new littlebigplanet game then it would be fine to get just a side game at least they are gonna work on lbp4 right?

  23. im so disappointed that this game didn't have community made levels like the others

  24. I played Sackboy A Big Adventure, but I just couldn’t get into it. I stopped after I finished the first world. I might return to it to try and finish it, but it’s just not LittleBigPlanet.

  25. The fact this isn’t community content based kills the game for me. I don’t know how many people actually cared about the regular story. I only played online and that’s how I made dozens upon dozens of friends over the years

  26. The best-looking sack boy is the one from the order 1886.

  27. This game is coming to steam, and im very happy but I feel like they missed the mark. Im gonna haft to skip this game. The replay ability was in the community, and the story drove home a lesson that ties in nicely. Creation is the life blood of craft world and should reflect that

  28. Good video, it's coming to PC now days. Wanted to see if it would give me a resurgence of LBP2 . Since it's not that style I won't get it any time soon. Thanks for the info!

  29. LBP3 is PS3 version only not PS4 Version dude

  30. If they made this game with a create mode it would have been an Evolution of LBP, worthy of being called LBP4. Or maybe Little Big Universe.

  31. ذا ليتل بيج بلانت موموجودة لل بلايستيشن 5 ?

  32. a little big planet with these graphics would go so hard

  33. The video would be better had you credited the people who's music you used in the description or a pinned comment

  34. i just wish i could still play community levels

  35. I was looking at this game on steam thinking it was like LBP, but i am also at the same time looking for games to get my wife into gaming (no-game lifer) but this seems to be even better for that purpose!

  36. They need to put lbp2 for ps4 and 5 bet you it will sell

  37. The thing is…i love backtracking to optional routes for additional collectables, this game prevents you from backtracking, as soon i found out the game was a little big no no

  38. They should had make the i in the big as a tree like lbp

  39. Finally getting to ps5 games. My wife and family played this game and had absolute fun.

  40. idk why people hate sackboy a big adventure it might be because they like old but u cant hate on something because its new

  41. Sackboy is the one of most beautiful platform games ever

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