Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Story Trailer | PS5


Prepare to take Sackboy on an epic 3D platforming adventure with your friends. Pre-order Now!


  1. JJJ when he sees Sackboy swing: screams internally

  2. Eu queria muito jogar esse jogo com minha irmã mais se que nunca vou ter um PlayStation

  3. I want a ps5 SO BADLY FOR ONLY NEED FOR SPEEDS AND SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE but I don't even have 100 dollars

  4. I may just be going nuts but isn’t this guy narrating the trailer the same guy who voice acted Lyse Of Keil in Legend Of The Guardians?

  5. And who says your too old to play Kiddie games your never too old to play it's all for ages like Nintendo.

  6. Not to sound cringy- but the villain’s wheezy laugh 😳

  7. Millennial music is a bunch of people screaming "hey".

  8. Where's the ad itself? Because ah yes, I do love wall.

  9. I used to play LittleBigPlanet 1,2, and 3 as a kid. This brings tears to my eyes seeing how far it has come for sackboy.

  10. As long as they don’t give sackboy a voice ill be fine – he’s much more interesting of a character if he stays mute.

  11. Lbp 1 was the best change my mind (you can’t)

  12. Closest game to Super Mario 3d World, finally PlayStation has a Mario alternative 👍

  13. This game looks interesting, but only if I HAD a PS5 to begin with…

  14. Um yeah but where sackboy friends go i mean his friends from Little big planet3

  15. the animations of sackboy running and moving are absolutely amazing

  16. Sackboy taller brother tries his hand at PlayStation E3 Teaser Premirere 2021 in PlayStation 30th Anniversary.

  17. This is my hope that lbp 4 could come out

  18. Will there be a second sackboy a big adventure game I want new enemies new bubbles new costumes new moves new guide friends new levels new challenges. New worlds new everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hello guess what today i just got the ps5 i buy the sack boy disc and the game was fun , funny and cool, It was amazing you guys should buy this game

  20. I was sitting down one day eating breakfast and watching YouTube when this add came on and I swear I swear I cried I was so happy to see i new sackboy game again and then two weeks later on Christmas morning I got the special addition version of the game

  21. So is this like something new is is this going to be like the little big planet game for the PS five

  22. If I want to say one thing to my past self, its that Little Big Planet 4 comes out in 2020.

  23. Bro I literally grew up with Sackboy, it's nice to see him again lol

  24. Girls: Do boys cry?

    Boys: watches Sackboy: A Big Adventure trailer knowing their childhood is calling their name

  25. NGL this game is literally a a ps5 version of Yoshi’s woolly world

    No offense but it’s facts

  26. I remember, waking up before Kinder-garden and playing the original Little Big Planet before school. It was on my PS3, so pumped to download my new game Little Big Planet 2. Going onto “My Moon” and spawning 10,000 cans of Monster Energy drinks and flying with them. This brings back the memories.

  27. Waiting for the spinoff. Ballsackboy: Deez Nuts Adventures.

  28. The money i would put into the LBP franchise if it were on PC :/

  29. DDOS attacks turned him into a Hacky Sack.

  30. Sumo please bring back littlebigplanet
    Please hear the community

  31. In lbp 2, the narrarator (to me) sounded like the crazy dude who is a genius (can’t remember their name as I haven’t played lbp 2 in a while)

  32. I think it's one of those steps until LBP4.

    They must be trying to master it.

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