Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Story Trailer | PS5


Prepare to take Sackboy on an epic 3D platforming adventure with your friends. Pre-order Now!


  1. Why does this remind me of Skylanders and Crash Bandicoot?

  2. Only a true carnivalian is waiting about lbp4

  3. Even if this game didn’t have a create mode. I still loved this game a lot

  4. I love this game and all but, just make lbp 4 please.

  5. To be honest if little big planet didn’t exist but this game still came out I don’t think as many people would get it as now. Because the nostalgia I think is why this game is selling well honestly

  6. I mean we beat the titans sackboy got this

  7. I love this game for my kids to play! Its child friendly and has many fun levels to play in. A child below the age of 3 can play this game without getting scared or unhappy! I would rate this game a 10.

  8. Not gonna cap. Little big planet 3 is absolutely GOATED

  9. W game W main character W sacklings W PlayStation

  10. (2022 again) Kirby and Gingerbrave Channel says:

    Little big planet 4 be like:

  11. (2022 again) Kirby and Gingerbrave Channel says:

    Will they have a create mode?

  12. Haber cuando sacan nuevos jak AMD Daxter y también nuevos sly Cooper son sagas que han muerto en el olvido lamentablemente

  13. goddammit why didnt i get a ps5 to see the AMAZING Visuals!

  14. Fantastic game and the PS5 version is the way to go. It's just buttery smooth. Also the voice acting is on point throughout! (as it would be on PS4 ofc) – but that frame rate upgrade is what is killing it for me, I'm currently playing Plague Tale on PS5 too – again – that 60 FPS really does make the difference even if you can accept the PS4's lesser graphics. If you have a PS5 you know this.

  15. And … a drop reminiscent of Crash Bendicut4

  16. why couldn't they just call it little big planet 4 it would look way better with this title

  17. Sackboy Is So Cute, but What about LBP2 And PSP, And PSVITA And LBP1? no offense though.

  18. Sackboy has a lot of potential. It can be like Minecraft or Lego. Why don't they create a LBP games version of popular games or movies. Maybe an Little Big Planet Avengers. Or Little Big Planet Star Wars.

  19. I wanted little big planet 4 , sackboy a big adventure 2 and sackboy kart racing for the ps5

  20. anyone else underwhelmed by the graphics? textures sorta lookin scuffed

  21. i was really hoping a game like this to follow the milestone 5 asthetic

  22. Wish they would bring LBP and LBP2 back with Online Multiplayer. Or even update LBP3 with the Creat Modes of 1+2 and fix the online multiplayer. Please, give me a reason to stick with Sony and your yearly subscription.

  23. Can you buy the Digital Deluxe items, if you have a physical version of the game? I can't find an option ingame

  24. This Game Was Made Only To Overshadow Snake Pass, LittleBigPlanet 3, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (My Favorite Racing Game), Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Pass The Punch, Crackdown 3 & Others

  25. I would love to see a Crossover between the Sackboy universe and the Dreamiverse

  26. Yay baby they're coming back Little Big planet 4 feels like it's been forever

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