Sackboy: A Big Adventure Review

Sackboy: A Big Adventure reviewed by Tom Marks on PlayStation 5, also available on PlayStation 4.

This charming LittleBigPlanet spin-off trades its creation tools in for a more straightforward Mario structure.

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  1. They need to re-release the trilogy on current gen

  2. so this is
    astro bot and
    mario 3d world
    with BAD CONTROLS for 60 bucks ill pass this one

  3. Tell me how the the haptic feedback on the controller is, is it like Astros playroom?

  4. Is no one gonna talk a bout how this looks like super Mario 3d land

  5. We just go this game it’s very wholesome only watching my family play it but the little sack boy is so darn cute

  6. Without community and creative mode, this game doesn’t matter

  7. Just make a remaster of the 1, 2 and 3 and sell it in a pack like Nathan drake collection

  8. ele falou mais de Mario do que de Sack Boy nesse video. .-.

  9. Getting this for my gf on her birthday ! I’m excited to play this with her

  10. the reason why it’s so different is because it’s sumo digital. i’m bitter haha

  11. you should have named this sackboy: a big review

  12. Are there any games that make use of the PS5 controller the way Astro does?

  13. The lbp multiplayer is gone forever 😢

  14. Darn. Moon was my favorite.
    Guess I'll wait till it's dirt cheap

  15. When American's say multeyeplayer instead of multiplayer 🤦😂

  16. Hi I’m the sweetest strawberry in the world anybody wanna eat me

  17. What a masterpiece of a game! Games that take inspiration from Mario or Breath of the Wild when done right are much needed! We need more of beautiful things!

  18. level editing and community sharing gone?? This looked great until they said that, now sadness..

  19. I'm glad this doesn't require constant camera control which makes it easier for younger kids to play.

  20. Such a fun game, one of my favorites on PS5 🙌😃

  21. Great game and just a classic 4 player party game. Local multiplayer must never be shut down in game

  22. This guy sounds like Derek from cgrundertow

  23. Bring back jak and daxter. An open world reimagining of the original 😭

  24. This is the best move after LBP. This is clearly the direction the series needed. Once they changed hands and that original studio is invested in Dreams, Sackboy must carry on!

  25. No custom level editor anymore…? Wtf…

  26. It's pure joy, a total must for every platformlover!

  27. having a blast playing with my daughter.. we’re laughing so much.. 😆

  28. Can you still play other levels created by other people like in the other games?

  29. Can't wait to play this game on my PC on Oct 27th!

  30. Level editor is gone. me: loses interest instantly.

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