Sackboy: A Big Adventure now has online co-op and cross-play

It was one of the big PS5 launch games, but it was missing one key feature… until now! It’s time to get online and play with your friends on PS5 or PS4.

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  1. LBP2 was better they made this game boring dont get me wrong. Lbp3 is wayyy better than 2 but it will nvr beat 2 online gameplay cause we had fun on 2 now three u need ps plus to play. We didnt need tht tell them bring bck all the nice outfits from 2 also.

  2. They never fix it is 3 year and u can’t even invite a mate to play with u they join the game then gets kick out what a sad game!!

  3. Can someone from ps4 play with someone from pc, I ask why the game is on steam and epic games

  4. MarcusDeOliveira for coop to trophy best friend forever

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