Sackboy: A Big Adventure – Music Video | PS5


Online multiplayer is here! let’s all celebrate with a Sackboy Music video! Grab your friends and join the adventure to defeat Vex!


  1. is it just me or does this sound like megalovania from undertale lol

  2. A Fun Fact from the infected cutie:This music in this trailer was in the level called ready yeti go!

  3. More people should play LBP, they are truly fun games

  4. Where is my mother fricking creative mode bro I spent time on lbp3!

  5. How do I access multi-player? Co op levels say I need player 2…

  6. Как перестать это пересматривать? Это просто шикарно!😍

  7. Everytime I try to update it says something went wrong CE-107938-8 help please

  8. Seeing this makes you want to buy this game immediately. Lol

  9. Full song please. XD

    1:18 Also, dang these Sack folk know how to jam!

  10. This game is great! The music and art is just beautiful!

  11. this game was fun ngl, but knowing what media molecule would have done if they wanted to revive this series makes me want media molecule back. they listened to the community and gave us what we wanted, and took out things we didn't want.

  12. @PlayStation please make more Sackboy games!

  13. Lbp was part of my childhood this game was fun. but my whole childhood was sly cooper.

  14. It’s just not the same, man.. look what they did to my boy up there

  15. 0:23 Sumo digital present the game to MM STUDIO and MM was happy So he have an idea to make a party

  16. Sackboy should cartoon starring Matt Stone sackboy

  17. I need this Song in Spotify or something, i love this song

  18. am i dreaming
    is this real?
    is my childhood coming back?
    i guess ill find out when i get a PS5

  19. 👍💙🧟🚒😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  20. I never thought I would see sackboy doing the dab

  21. Gotta look forward to Sackboy: A Big Adventure 2: The Return of Vex so badly!

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