SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (PlayStation 5 4K 60fps)

Sackboy A Big Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – PlayStation 4K 60fps Gameplay
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  1. Hopefully, LittleBigPlanet Remastered will happen on both PS4 and PS5… as Ayee once said or something.

  2. I haven’t played any little big planet games before but after seeing that this game reminded me of Mario 3D world I had to play it

  3. my dad is making money for sackboy

  4. To get the first orb, you need to go back at the very start where you spawn

  5. This video convinced me and my wife to buy Sackboy. Thanks for making the video, we’re having a blast with the game. We haven’t played a game this fun since Astro Bot 👍

  6. hes soooo cute in 4k i going to get a ps5 right now

  7. Looks good fun , not sure if to get it yet in the sale at the moment.

  8. I've been playing this the last few days, it is SOOO addictive ! My other half came in the lounge and looked at me open mouthed seeing me play this, a 55 year old pasty white male lol playing a platform game!

  9. 🤣🤣did the same thing with acorn lol

  10. the artstyle, gameplay, and the world in general doesnt feel like lbp, but i think thats ok because they know if people dont like this game they could just play the other 3, while this game is for others. looks cool though

  11. SPYRO (hacker pig turned into spryo) says:

    Bad u bad u bad u bad u bad u bad u

  12. SPYRO (hacker pig turned into spryo) says:


  13. It's sad there's no create mode. That's like the whole point of lbp 🙁

  14. Imagine if he just dropped the ps5 in front of everyone while they were cheering

  15. I really love these cheerful platform games. Can't deal with first persons, gives me motion sickness.

  16. Ooooo awesomeness game. Question can you play it offline? It looks so adorable thanks

  17. So, what do you say?
    Ready to make history?
    Course you are.

  18. I wish I had PS5 because everyone at my school has it and I only have a PS4 but that still that means I can play sackboy I was playing it on my PS4 like I said I don't have a PS5

  19. Isnt this just Astro game with a different graphic? So similar

  20. Big planet 3 was my favourite ps4 game. It was so satisfying doing the levels

  21. I can’t belive it’s on computer now

  22. Cant believe they brang. Zom Zom with it LMAO

  23. So If you could TELL us how to play it would be better than just rambling

  24. Near the 37 minute mark it's so incredibly obvious where to jump to grab that bubble

  25. I miss the old music, wish they put it in this game

  26. Sack boy is little big planet its been Playstations mascot

  27. Can someone please Explain to me how Sackboy was not Sucked in the time portal or whatever that gun thingy is.
    everyone else was but not sackboy?? what gravity defying powers do he have??

  28. PSN essential Free games brought me here

  29. When I restarted the up for grabs I didn't come thru the clouds

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