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PlayStation® icon Sackboy bursts into action on PC in a huge 3D multiplayer platforming adventure, available October 27, 2022. Pre-purchase now:


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  1. its not littlebigplanet, but im glad to see the little guy back

  2. Been a while since I've been excited for a LBP release, LBP 3 was where stepped away from the series but I'm looking forward to this.

  3. Love how they took a different approach with this game! Although I thought it was a playstation exclusive. I'd love to see another karting game or maybe a remaster!

  4. its has been 8 years where is LITTLE BIG PLANET 4 still i like this

  5. Looking forward to 100%ing this game on my Steam Deck! Wish we'd get a LittleBIGPlanet 4.

  6. They better remaster the others for PS5 & PC as well 😡

  7. hej … kann man mit der pc version auch leves und welten bauen wie mit dreams??? oder little big planet 3? danke vorab 🙂

  8. Dear Ps fanbois , Exlcusives Games are gone from you <3

  9. Keep 'em coming, Sony! I'll buy all of your games on PC! <3

  10. Yeah me too I'm happy that it's coming to PC as well I have PlayStation 4 and Xbox so I enjoy both consoles myself but I know that there's going to be some Sony Fanboys out there that are going to make a big deal about this

  11. I am hoping latest Dual Sense controller features support would also be there on pc, but its only on wired connection. They need to do that wirelessly ! Also now waiting for Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart on pc !!!!!

  12. Basically everything is eventually coming to the PC, huh?

  13. Platinumed on PS5 and I will complete it again on steam with my son. It's a fantastic 3D platformer and looking forward to playing again on my top PC in 4K 120fps. 😁

  14. Will the game support dualsense features on pc, Guys ?

  15. Would love to see Dreams get the life it deserves on PC

  16. I wish lbp3 was on pc. Because this one you can't make a stage

  17. I’m so hyped, so many fantastic PlayStation games coming yo pc I love it. 😂

  18. I played so many hours on LBP on my ps3 and now many years later i see that this franchise is doing well. Hope Sony brings whole LBP games in a whole package to PC one day.

  19. Please put the entire Little Big Planet series on PC PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEE

  20. when LBP4 comes up it will be one of the happiest days of my life

  21. this doesnt have the charm of the old trailers did, i feel like LBP has become zombified corpse with the original talent long gone

  22. Goodluck with the Ripsnorter Trophy. 😂😂😂

  23. imagine a world where lbp4 made by media molecule and available on pc

  24. Thank you for releasing it on steam. This is a perfect game for my steam deck, thank you ! 🙂

  25. so it supports a resolution, aspect ratio and refresh rate every other game supports. Cool.

  26. Being a fan since 2009 its nice to see that i can play this again

  27. LittleBigPlanet is what I will always call it but for £50 you're having a giggle

  28. Does it support dualsense on steam?


  30. creation mode wasnt added, dont buy this scam !

  31. If the sales of this game go well, the chances of the main series being added INCREASE.

  32. Sono profondamente pentito dell' acquisto di questo gioco! Dovete risolvere il problema dello stuttering/balbuzie, nessun compromesso! I deeply regret the purchase of this game! You have to solve the stuttering problem, no compromise!

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