Rush A Disney-Pixar Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Toy Story

Rush A Disney-Pixar Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Toy Story
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  1. I never knew about this game! Though I wish Wall-e was included… little Wall-e doesn’t get a lot of attention now a days

  2. I thought it was only for connect l, well I was wrong

  3. I've never played this game before but I have always wanted to try it.

  4. Egg na placa do carro da mae do andy A113 siguinifica a diretris 113

  5. Way to easy for kids were the challenge and wits i remember buzz light year PS1 same age appropriate game great way to dumb the kids down stupid to easy games for kids full off colours thats it lol give them a challenge… make them smarter

  6. what does years mean for this game online???

  7. It would be nice if Rush: A DiSNEY•PIXAR ADVENTURE was also developed for PS3 & PS4.

  8. I loved this game and I had it before the Dory update

  9. I can play other games first? Or do I have to play Toy Story first? XD (on this game ofc ^^)

  10. This game should have had more movies in there. I hope there’s a Pixar game that has the characters from ALL of the movies.

  11. 2012 hame yet it says domt turn off your xbox one

  12. should've just called it toy story 2 remake

  13. wtf, this shit reminds me to TOY STORY 2 FROM PS1

  14. I remember this game on Xbox 360 this is great.

  15. omg kingdom hearts 3 was based on this game. Some of the mechanics are the samee

  16. I can't believe that in the video pic have the code of old Disney

  17. Any clue why when I go to any 2nd episode of anythinf it says not downloaded yet?

  18. They say this game is worth $19.95… it's a good game kind of makes you feel like you're in the movie but I'm only willing to pay 8 buck for it maybe just maybe it may be worth five bucks. Bottom line is it's not worth $8

  19. I'm downloading this for my 4 year old, and I wanna play it!!

  20. No one really realizes the kids can jump that high

  21. Hi can anyone help me , how to turn on 2nd player on pc ? When I click summond 2nd player button he is not going to game I can only change player not add ?

  22. intro sounds stupid and funny i need game music now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. toy story dirigido por gael Gutiérrez el 30 de julio de 2018

  24. is this playable without analog controller? Just keyboard?

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