Rush A Disney-Pixar Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Toy Story

Rush A Disney-Pixar Adventure Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Toy Story
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  1. Really cool game. Do recommend If you like to play the thing over and over again. It doesnt get boring to me.

  2. This isn't flying this is falling with style

  3. Mary Kay Bergman as Jessie's yodeling

  4. Very good I like it the way you are playing the game is amazing and i like the kinect pixar shows what to do.

  5. “Don’t you want to go and play with some of the other kids?”

    imminently mocks your intelligence

  6. Just wanted to play for some achievements and nostalgia… but woody doesn't believe the game when i put the batteries in so im just stuck lol

  7. All the kids you play with look like the characters

  8. Anyone who wants to download the game on there laptop or pc … you can search "Fitgirlrepacks" and search any game you want including Rush A Disney pixar adventure

  9. What's scary is that this used to be a game controlled entirely with Kinect.

  10. lol I worked on this game as a tester, for almost a year. My names in the credits.

  11. How do you play that on windows

  12. To be honest, this looks like a prime candidate for a Switch remaster–as does Disneyland Adventures



  15. Bro I feel so old i feel liek a grandpa revisiting their game from 1945

  16. Bruh I watched this like when I was 3

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  20. 15:40 Looks like this flight is going to receive a lot of angry people.

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