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Tank Fish
Today’s Roblox In A Nutshell video will be on Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA). Your Bizarre Adventure is a Roblox RPG roleplaying game made by Bizarre Studios that is based on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) is a classic Roblox RPG game where you grind to level up so you can get more skill points to unlock more skills and stats to become more powerful. It is very easy to level up fast in Your Bizarre Adventure and there is way less grinding compared to other Roblox RPGs. When you reach max level, you can prestige to increase the level cap by 5 up to prestige 3.

Levelling up is not the only grind in this game. Since you need a stand arrow to obtain a stand and a rokakaka fruit to delete it, you need to farm these 2 items if you want to obtain a specific stand or a better stand. By farming, I mean going around in different servers scavenging for roka and stand arrows. It is probably the most painful farming in this game other than the corpse part farm.

You can also obtain part 7 and 8 stands aka The World Alternate Universe (TWAU), D4C, Scary Monster and Tusk by using the Rib Cage of the Saint’s Corpse. Gold Experience, Killer Queen, Star Platinum, King Crimson and Silver Chariot can evolve using a requiem arrow (you can obtain a requiem arrow every time you finish the story). Other stands such as C-moon and The World can evolve into Made in Heaven (MiH) and The World Over Heaven (TWOH) respectively by completing quests in DIO’s diary (DEO in game). In addition to stands, you can find items to unlock fighting styles like boxing (Quinton’s glove), Hamon (zeppelin’s headband), vampirism (stone mask), spin (steel ball) and sword style (ancient scroll) and use money to learn them.

There are also redeemable codes that can help you in your grind, but the codes are only redeemable for people who are prestige 3. Some codes give a lucky arrow, which is a stand arrow that has a higher chance of giving a player a skin. It is highly sought after and is the rarest item in the game.

The combat in this game is pretty simple. You just need to know when to block, what you can block and what combo your stand has. There are stand guides and tier lists everywhere and it is pretty easy to find an overpowered combo.

So yeah, just like all the other Roblox In A Nutshell videos, I will attempt to show everything Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure has to offer: stands, specialties, combat mechanics, the story, how to level up fast and the 3 game modes. And like always this Roblox video is filled with a crapload of dumb jokes and memes and takes the form of a funny moments/funny montage. Hit the like and the subscribe button if you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to comment in the comment section.

This video contains a crap load of dead memes and bad jokes. Viewer discretion advised.

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Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure In A Nutshell – Tank Fish – Fish Tank

Roblox- Your Bizarre Adventure: Welcome to Your Bizarre Adventure, an RPG-styled game that revolves around obtaining strong and unique spiritual abilities known as “STANDS”, fighting gangs, and more!

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  1. "nobody is born a pro" -THAT AMAZING PLAYER WHO HELPED ME.

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  3. SCHR has infinite pilot range and its hilsrious to troll with it.
    Spin in one word: BALLER

  4. i have done my research through this video and it looks like GER (gorudu expiriençu requiemu) is categories 1, 4 and 5 cuz of nulifie time stop and shit

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    I hate new yba. The modded version(yba nu) is much better. Acctually its not modded anymore, its just better yba.


  7. King crimson's signature ability is literally just skipping 10 seconds in youtube. Best explanation.

  8. Bru sad thing i already sold my soul to da devil for bigger balls

  9. I'm still at battle tendency(the animals BTW )
    So, what's after that?

  10. E, This video is so great! i really hope youtube understands!

  11. I love how I did not understand a thing in this video.

    10/10 would watch again

  12. Jesus has passive regen that’s how he is able to regrow bones but it doesn’t work if he takes to much damage

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