Roblox Might BAN YOU Over This…

Roblox Might BAN YOU Over This… #roblox #shorts #robloxshorts

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  1. Subscribe, thoughts on all this going on? 🤔👇

  2. The fact that you can't archive clothes and t-shirts is absolutely wild.

  3. Like if you think this is dumb and Roblox should fix it

  4. At this point roblox will ban you for playing a game

  5. only under an hour can like this comment

  6. At this point we are basically unable to do something freely now

  7. Not just clothing, but images, models, and non-archivable stuff. Hopefully roblox fixes this issue, thanks Chizeled for addressing this important issue!

  8. That is so stupid, Roblox needs to fix this!!!

  9. Tutorial how to remove your items with contacting roblox support please?

  10. me who has uploaded multiple copyright things😵🪦🪦

  11. if you buy a shirt that isn’t yours but is copyrighted will you still have the effects of the ban? or is it only if you upload it?

  12. i hope on god roblox fixes this issue I’ve been stressing out all day

  13. This actually happened to my good friend AlexTheUKRainbowGod, his 2008 account got deleted due to that

  14. If kids (today) upload copyright stuff they probably dont know how to even contact roblox

  15. I owned a copywriter shirt once, but Roblox straight up just removed it from my inventory instead of banning me.

  16. Good thing I’ve never uploaded a thing to Roblox lol but now I gotta find an un copyright cat image for my group I’m making like they all said they might be copyright lol it’s just an image of kittens

  17. This is just so stupid. I literally made plenty of copyrighted t shirts a few years ago and i feel like my roblox account is going to get banned at anytime without any notice, what roblox needs to fix is that they should add an option to delete items that you made on roblox and also they should just delete the copyrighted items that people made a long time ago instead of just having to ban peoples accounts. This is the reason why people do not play roblox anymore. Roblox is just far from the community and is just being too corporate. I hope roblox fixes this issue and everything gets back to normal.

  18. Wow I'm blessed to have never uploaded copyrighted clothing at least my GamerBoy Noah T shirt is not copyrighted. What if I DMCA myself would I get terminated it's so easy to trick the moderation because they are bad. Even if you DMCA yourself there not smart enough to know it's your copyrighted claim.

  19. I uploaded a shirt to someone’s group… ohhhh nooo…

  20. My clothing brands aren't copy righted so that's not a problem for me.👍

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