Roblox Adventure / Rpg Tier List

Hey, finally got this video uploaded thank god. This one took me a while to make but here we go. The roblox adventure, rpg game tier list whatever you wanna call it.


  1. Oh wow thanks for including Tales from the Valley. Back when it wasn't dead it was a blast

  2. Vesteria is imo A tier, it has a pretty expansive map and great graphics, but is lacking in the endgame gameplay. At the end, it's basically just grinding and trading for better gear, but before that the adventuring gameplay is amazing.

  3. verdant moon at A tier is the best place you could've put it imo. the vibes and storyline of the game is legitimately some of the most depressing i've ever seen and i love it. however the gameplay is definitely lacking. even though the ost isn't original it fits the game incredibly well and is honestly one of my favorite roblox osts ever.

  4. bro this is the most accurate tier list with actual s tier games on them maybe Fantastic frontier will become SS once this update comes out

  5. Anyone remembers the name of an rpg game where you had a paraglider from the start, the map consisted of floating islands and there were villages all around. When defeating an enemy you could summon a boss fight, to which people could join. Would appreciate to find this game's name!

  6. Lore game and deepwoken are my personal favourites, i also LOVE world of magic and Arcane Odyssea, Lore game was really fun with the exploration being such a main focus and the secrets are very cool. The fun thing about lore game is that the players make the game, theres are numerous guilds, the combat is simple but has really deep aspects to it at higher levels of combat, im personally one of the best asia players in the game. Deepwoken is self explanatory, amazing game, great single player and even better multi player. WOM and AO are amazing because of the immersion, the combat is relatively easy to get into and its great fun.

  7. This is the first video I've seen of your channel so I dont know every game you've played but if you haven't already, you NEED to give Adventure Up! and Rise of the Dead a try. RotD is mostly open world with zombies, guns, bosses, raids, and a heavy focus on the storyline which is explored through an extensive quest line. Adventure Up! is unfortunately not being updated anymore but has a ability tree system, skill levelling, dungeons (the main focus), and side worlds you can explore to gather resources you can refine and craft into equipment whilst also facing off against enemies and a special boss with each world.

  8. Small correction, hours is an rpg not a rogue like – but some may see it as one due to rogue likes being a sub-genre

  9. If you could look for a game that you spawn with a glider and there is many islands and you can get better gear by killing mobs that can some times summon a boss and can get way better gear from the bosses and you can get different gear from different mobs and there is more mobs you can find in the nearby islands

  10. Games:
    Character Chaos
    Colossus Legends
    Dungeon Quest
    Hero Havoc

    Dungeon Delver
    World Zero
    Dungeon Slayer
    The Vast Realm

    Dungeon Shooter
    Cube Cavern (?)
    Roguelike Prototype
    Super Cube Cavern

    Tales From The Valley
    Arcane Reborn
    Verdant Moon
    World of Magic
    Adventure's Story
    Rogue Lineage
    Lore Game

    Countless Worlds
    Loomian Legacy
    Fantastic Frontier

  11. Does anybody else remember Lords of the Nomrial from way back in the day?
    IMO one of the best games to have ever come out of Roblox but that might just be the nostalgia talking.

  12. 인정합니다.. 딥워큰은 좋은 게임이죠

  13. Voxlblade player here. all of the problem this guy mentioned basically complain of a player who only play for an hr. Guild is just part of the build, there's a benefit to it, some got down sides. but not entirely matter that much. 2nd is the sword, @ low level you got limited points to unlock sword path, so of course you can only unlock single sword path, but u can do multiple once you lvl up higher.

  14. Another S tier RPG is pilgrmamed ,good gameplay ,good grafics and very Little lag

  15. Thank you. You found my childhood game. I was looking for it so hard. When I was a guest and i was little i used to play rouge so much.

  16. Sadly, i truly wish there was more turn based RPGs like adventure story and such….

  17. Deepwoken in S might be the most garbo take in history

  18. loomian legacy, countless worlds and voxlblade being over rogue is crazyy.. i doubt he played rogue for more than 10 hours

  19. Dungeon shooter, rogue like prototype, super cube cavern, hours, tales from the valley, arcane reborn,verdant moon, voxelblade

  20. Adventure story is great game,i am sad tho it doesnt have updates anymore becouse the gameplay and more is great,it deserves more updates😢

  21. This list is objectively wrong, why is deepwoken at S. Please update your list immediately.

  22. ADVENTURE STORY A TIER LETS GO- Cube cavern b tier? Nah I get it 😢

  23. Make an updated version now that voxlblade remastered is out fr

  24. I know this video was made before arcane odyssey but what rank would it go in?

  25. Can you add stasis is a fanmade of cube cavern

  26. Ngl adventure story was such a good game it really is sad how it got discontinued.

  27. Man, as much as I love Arcane odyssey (The game that vetex is focusing on now), Adventure story was really cool I wish we got some more of that.

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