Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

In Ring Fit Adventure, battle enemies and explore numerous colorful worlds using real-world movements on your quest to take down a giant, egotistical dragon. Available now for Nintendo Switch:

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  1. Started my 3 kids on this & they love it. They are remote learning at home & it is winter. Let's just say they weren't moving very much. This has gotten them moving again. Such a great workout game. I highly recommend it. Bonus it counts for logged activity for gym class!

  2. Anyone els miss the Wii Fit??? I loved the scale and the games. I wish they brought something more like it to the switch

  3. Wow ,wish that I have gotten a switch instead of a new 400$ steering wheel

  4. Ring fit we need a new more increased heavy ring please

  5. I love it! I'm going to buy it for sure 😅 I’m waiting animal crossing console edition 🥲

  6. This game made vtubers moaning like crazy, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  7. Does the leg strap fit my xxxl thigh?

  8. I am trying to lose 60 pds is it possible and how long should I work out for daily? How long would it take me I am at 195 right now

  9. would be nice if they release different stiffness of the ring for different fitness levels. Or is there this option?

  10. Just bought one lol. Why did I wait so long

  11. Can’t wait until I get my switch this is the only reason why I ordered it for this game so I can workout 🏋️‍♀️

  12. Okay so I don't have a Nintendo Switch yet… I see a thousand comments saying this game is worth the $80, but is it worth $380?

  13. Starting to regret I returned Switch for Wii U

  14. Is a Joke🤣🤣🤣🤣 not wii be lauched

  15. Guys I need friends to compete with and compare stats, what’re your friend codes?

  16. Me puse mamadisimo de jugar puro nintendo 😎

  17. I wish they made a ring fit game with waifus.

  18. I'd rather have a new Wii sports game. Sure, I haven't played it, but I really want Wii sports back.

  19. is there a difference between Ring Fit Adventure and Ring Fit Adventure GDG ?

  20. This is perfect if you wanna be fit and unhealthy all the same time!

  21. It helps me to lose weight so I’m losing weight

  22. Oh how I would buy this if I had a TV at my apartment. 🙁
    Edit: Dad had a spare, we managed to hook it up in my room, and my sister’s birthday is coming in a few days; hope I get it! 🙏🏼
    Edit: I got it, and I’ve been loving it; IDK how much of a workout I’m getting, but I am working up quite a sweat!

  23. Nintendo, I want check heart rate after cool down, please have menu for check heart rate separately, thank you.

  24. I was just wondering about the minimal amount of force required in order to keep the ring-con alive longer, and then the trailer goes "the harder you press, the lower the damage will be." I guess I should go check how many Amazon reviews whine about broken ring-cons…

  25. alot of people say workouts are boring but when workouts are in video games its much better

  26. i really wanna play this but I don't have a switch nor am I interested in getting one…………….is playing this game alone worth also buying a switch?

  27. Oml I just got this yesterday day 1 of exercise and I was dying with just the first 2 levels. I hadn’t worked out in 2-3 months due to a new hectic job that keeps me on my feet all day! With this I’ll be able to get a quick workout in before I go to work

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  29. Nicolas Soto 3 2004 Happy Meal Trolls 2 World Tour says:

    My Play Wii Fit

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