Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch

In Ring Fit Adventure, battle enemies and explore numerous colorful worlds using real-world movements on your quest to take down a giant, egotistical dragon. Available now for Nintendo Switch:

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  1. Some curse equation:
    Streamer + Ring Fit Adventure = STONKS

  2. This will totally trick your mind to exercising like you’re in a real world

  3. pov: you can afford it but you’re lazy

  4. Can 2 ppl use at same time? Without sharing ring. Like 2 players

  5. This is what I’m gonna get for my birthday because I need it I’m out of shape and the doctor wants me to get healthy again

  6. I love Nintendo Switch Ring Fit adventure. From: Grace T.

  7. I have this game, and I remember my dad running into the TV, my sisters throwing the ring like a boomerang, and me trying to cheat it by shaking the controller (the one meant to go on your leg). Good game though.

  8. The real question is ¿Can a man play this videogame?

  9. this might just be the perfect birthday present for my mom

  10. Hello, i'm obese, am i going to die after getting it?

  11. This game completely changed my lifestyle!
    When I started playing in January ( 2021 ), I weighed 142 and had no fitness experience. I played Ring Fit everyday. A few months later in April, I weighed in at 131. That was when I had gained enough confidence to get serious of fitness. I branched off and began to do other types of workouts, like lifting and long distance running ( I also started being serious about my diet. ). Now ( August 2021 ), I weigh 110. I’ve never felt more confident in myself!
    If you want to get into fitness but are unsure of how to start, Ring Fit Adventure is a must have.

  12. I’ve got the game and the things. It’s really fun and.. that’s it! I can’t say much but yeah it’s fun.


  14. when we going to get a pvp fitness game like this Nintendo?

  15. Pls answer, can this be played on a MacBook/Laptop? You can connect the Nintendo switch to a MacBook/Laptop so that the screen display becomes a MacBook/Laptop. If you play this game, can the screen display be on your MacBook/Laptop?

  16. Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Sunday!! 👋👽I bring thin crust Covid 19 pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸

  17. My kid is so good she is a GOD.She is at Level 109!!!!

  18. I can workout all day without going to a place to workout lol

  19. It’s a good game but how do you go to mini games

  20. This game is good but also kind of Confusing

  21. Ok I think I changed my mind from good game to extremely good game

  22. Im sure Iwata would be proud of this product. I remember he was big into offering "healthy or fitness related" Nintend products, I cant remember the specific name of his proposed project or program, but glad to see this was made by them.

  23. " Push against your abs " i guess i can't do that…

  24. I've gotta say the battle aspect of it, really reminds me of Pokémon.

  25. I can’t handle it every time I do a “leg raise” it will always hurt my back don’t buy it

  26. Tried it today love it 😀 my thighs are feeling it. Easy to follow 👌 just hard to exit. I'm sweating 😓.

  27. Got this game for christmas, by boxing day I was on level 13!!!!

  28. This looks so good and looks like a perfect example of using video games for exercise.

  29. I have never laughed harder… it’s the Wii Fit Scam all over again. Looks fun thou.

  30. Last year I lost my great grandma and when I went to her grave, I promised her I'd lose weight. This game helped me. I play it 30 minutes a day and in just two weeks I lost 10 pounds. My pants are falling off and I love that it's happening.

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