QUEST – A Choose Your Own Adventure

QUEST is an interactive video adventure. The experience lets you choose which path to take and builds the story as you go. Have fun and choose wisely.


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  1. Brilliant and extremely impressive Well done

  2. Anyone have an idea how long these run for if you do the whole thing? Thinking about doing it as a zoom hangout thing with my team at work!

  3. I finished it in a couple minutes was pretty cool I will definitely recommend it

  4. This was super cool but one of my students was very negatively affected by the gun scenario. I wish that had not been included in the quest or that you provided a trigger warning.

  5. This was amazing! It was pleasantly much longer than I or my freind were expecting. It's all really well done!

  6. Great now my brain is gonna make me o every way

  7. I must be missing something. I can’t figure out how to play this. From the comments it seems like it’s an actual game but I can’t figure out how to access it. Do I need to go to the Facebook page or something? I don’t use Facebook. Do I need an account? How do I play this?

  8. Freaking awesome! Me and some of my other DM buddies got together one day and were surfing YouTube for some new shit to add to our game, and we stumbled on this. We though 'hey, this looks pretty cool, let's give it a look.' and we were blown away! This has given us a lot of inspiration for our next campaign, and we all think that our adventurers (there's about five of them, all our little siblings ^^) will have a lot of fun next weekend for our party meet, and they'll love this game as well!

  9. Bruh where is the fun we forced to do same choices and are usless and some is basicly the other

  10. In the begging I picked cross and I won instantly

  11. TYSM for this..❤️🔥…Amazing production..Must have taken a lot time and effort to make..Way better than expected..🔥🔥

  12. its was so good im speech less…..hats of to the editing and filming team

  13. I have to tell you that whenever my anxiety is climbing or at its worst, I play this and it helps settle me down. This has to be hands down my most favorite thing on you tube.

  14. This was the coolest thing on YouTube ever! I shared this with a lot of my friends

  15. this was so much fun and i loved seeing everyone work so hard! i was searching YT to see if anyone had recommendations for some fun choose your own adventure games, and i stumbled upon Quest! thank you for putting in the hard work!

  16. I loved it and recommended it to others

  17. Idk if the chain got broken or if I just had a specific combination, but none of my videos made sense or had anything to do with each other. I died like 8 times but still had 2 lives out of 3. I got to the mirror in like 6 minutes. Going to try again to see what I missed 😅

  18. after years I have finally found it again. Cant wait to do this again!

  19. love this. I'm going to try it with my ESL online class today.

  20. I remember playing when it came out and I was shock

  21. This is literally the coolest thing on YT

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