QUEST – A Choose Your Own Adventure

QUEST is an interactive video adventure. The experience lets you choose which path to take and builds the story as you go. Have fun and choose wisely.


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  1. This is amazing!

    does everybody get the knight?

    I haven't tried any other path but that's what I got

    I'm very happy!

    [ edit ]
    I pause between some of the words so it is less of a terrifying novel of words

  2. So much fun! Thanks for creating this!

    Did anyone beat the labyrinth? Or is it unbeatable?

  3. Is this simulation suitable for kids under 10-12? Would certain scenes be too much for them? Thanks!!

  4. How long does it take to go through this series?

  5. Wow! I played this and it’s AMAZING! I Definitely Recommend It!

  6. Hey guys, if you enjoyed this simulation, it would mean the world to me if you could please check out our choose your own adventure video on our channel. We are 13 years olds but have a passion for filmmaking. Thank you so much, I loved going through this!

  7. This game is pretty much a parody of RPGs. I laughed whenever the game randomly transitioned from medieval England to Los Angeles for no reason. I also laughed at how the programmer was a White nerdy dude, and the rest of the cast was Black and Hispanic with swords and shit.

  8. Its August 22nd at 1:52 am in 2021.
    I'm gonna record my journey and thoughts through this and I'm gonna do it by putting the events I go through in this comment. Major spoilers ahead.

    Ok so I'm starting by pressing continue.
    Alright, we're now at a place where it splits into two pathways. Left or right. I'm gonna choose right because I have a gut feeling it might be good?
    Oookkk so down the path there was a castle but it was locked. Oh well. Now, the person I assume to be the creator/director of this whole thing showed up and gave a few tips.
    So, I now know that there are 2 worlds you can ravel to using portals. Arcadia, the world that I'm in right now, and earth. You travel to these places through doors. Theres a box where you put things you collect in it. Theres already some useful stuff in there. However, people might try to steal the box. Yikes. The goal is that you need to find a mirror. And now I have the option between 2 doors. (Which I assume are the portals for both worlds.) The left one seems to be beaten and not in good space, and the right one looks like it was just made yesterday since it looks very new. I'm gonna choose the left door out of curiosity.
    Well frick. By choosing the left door, I appeared on a somewhat bridge(?) holding my box. Annnd then it got stolen. My box is gone. Sad days.
    The only option is to continue the chase. So obviously I'm gonna do that.
    Anyway, while running the robber tripped, got back up and started running again. He reached a cliff and just sort of fell down next to a tree. He gives the box back, and tells us our dad is calling. The only answer is to answer the call, so of course I have to do that.
    Ok now we're somewhere completely different. We are at the dining table with our dad having breakfast together. How nice!
    But then, oh no he asks about school. And our homework. And if we did it or not.
    The options are yes and no, so I'm gonna choose yes because I'm not sure if I wanna see this dad get angry at us.
    Well frick he got angry anyway. Wel, not necessarily angry but apparently we didn't turn in our homework and we're grounded now. Yay.
    The only option now is to look inside the box. So I have to pick that.
    Alright, inside the box is some weapons, special potions, a watch to stop time too! The man said it himself, its pretty cool. Theres also some nunchucks. Now, it appears that we are getting in our first fight. We have the options to attack left or attach right. Choosing something left didn't go all too well, (since that man took the box) so I'm gonna attack right. Hope this goes well.
    I never learn my lesson huh? Well, I lost the fight and I lost a live and only have 2 lives left. Oh no.
    Anyway, now we see a woman who got her supplies taken and needs food and water. We can either give her food or give her water. Well, water is more important than food, so I'll choose water. I hope she doesn't drown us with it.
    Alright, she didn't drown us with the water. Instead she gave us her bedalion (I don't know how that's spelled) as payment. How kind. 🙂 She says it grants great fortune.
    Now, as we walk away we are surprised with 2 more doors. Oh no. I'll go in the nice door aka the the left door instead of the beat up door (aka the right door) because you know what happened last time.
    Alright, so now we are in a car and this man comes up to us. We roll down the window and he says that he needs a ride because his car broke down or something. We can either give him a ride or drive off. I'll give him a ride. I kinda feel like something bad will happen though, but hey that's just how life is. Your actions have consequences even if they are good or bad.
    Well nothing bad happened and we helped a family in need. Yay! 😀
    Now, we are presented with two doors, but this time one of them looks very different. The left door is just the normal white stainless door like you've seen before. But the right door is a brown door with a glass window. I'm gonna go with that because it looks cool.
    So we are in a forest now and there are 2 paths. If we choose the right one we receive a gift. Doesn't sound too hard right? Well it isn't but the we are warned of a strong enemy named Rasel. (I dont know how to spell it) She has a silver medallion. We are told to walk the other way if we see her because, well, shes strong.
    Now, let's both hope that whichever path I choose doesn't have Rasel.
    Anyway, I'm gonna choose the path to the right.
    Shit. It's outsecond fight now. It's not with Rasel if you were wondering. So. we can either use speci attack 1 or special attack 2. I'll use special attack 1.
    Well, we successfully dodged, but then we had to pull out the nunchucks and we failed badly. Fuck.
    So now, there is a cloaked figure who pointed us somewhere. We are then warned not follow other people directions besides the programmer's.
    Now, there is a clean door (the left door) and a muddy door (the right one). I'll choose the muddy one, because why not?
    Alright, now we see a woman smoking next to a garage door. Shes complaining about how everyone else is trying to fix her. Our options are either give advice or listen to her venting. I'll choose listen, because if we choose to give her advice then that would be trying to fix her and she would be angry I guess?
    Well, all she needed was for someone to listen to her to make her feel better. That went surprisingly well.
    Anyway, the white door and brown door are back again. I'll choose the white door. (Aka the left door)
    So now we're in for a battle!

    Excuse me, we're in for a dance battle.
    Oh no.
    The only option is to accept the challenge so I guess we have to do that.
    I do not know how to put what happened into words.
    All I can say is that we lost the battle because the player can't dance for shit.
    Now we have 2 doors. I'll pick the brown one. (Aka the door to the right)
    SHIT. I got attacked by the living incarnate of everyones nightmares mashed together. And the game, well, simulation said we have chosen poorly. Yikes. When I reach the mirror its gonna say I'm closer, and hey it ain't wrong. We have the same exact scene again with the same doors. I'm gonna be annoying and choose the right door again.
    Same thing happened. I guess I have to choose the left door.
    Oh boy. Someone held me at gunpoint and is asking me to hand over the box or they will shoot me in the head. I can either hand it over or defend my box. Fuck it. I'm defending my box. No one steals my fucking box.
    Seriously though, this has some good actors.
    To try and get away from that sadness, we have 2 doors again. I'll chose the right door because I just told you what happened when we picked the left door.
    So, now we are at the labyrinth. Players might help us, but some may mislead us. Now, we come across 2 elevators. I'll go with the one on the right.
    We can attack left or right, let's do left.
    Ayy! We won our first battle!
    Now, we randomly transition to a green place, we go through a door, and now are met with 2 more elevators. I'll choose the right one again, just fun.
    We got into another battle. Don't worry it's a normal battle this time.
    We can use special attack 1 or 2. Let's go with 1.
    Oh god, player pulled out the nunchucks don't they remembe how we lost in the first battle? Anyways we failed the battle. A clothed figure pointed us somewhere and for some reason we followed. I guess the player cant listen to tips huh? Anyway, we're in this random place I can't describe and we have only one option and that is to exit the labyrinth. So we have to do that.
    Ok we are in the woods and a guy who is bleeding out is there. Well fuck. We can save him or keep walking. Let's save him, why not?
    Yay! He hugged us for saving him!
    And then the screen glitches out…

    Surprise surprise! The man who protected us came back from the dead by respawning! This is a simulation after all.
    He tells us how proud he is that we gave up one of our lives for that guy.
    As we exit the labyrinth, we meet a river have to cross. However, to cross the river, we need to give up one life. Wr only have one life left, so if we give it up to go across the river, we will die in the simulation I think. I'm a scaredy cat so I wont cross the river.
    Well I got told I chose poorly and we crossed the river anyway.
    We didnt die and we got to the castle from the beginning. Near the castle doors, the cloaked figure trying to guide us from earlier walk to us. They took off their hood, and…
    That was a nice plot twist honestly.
    So. in the castle is a oher greatest enemy yet. Rasel. we walk into the castle and we meet her. We can either fight her or engage with her. We will probably be beaten seconds if we fight her, so let's engage with her.
    Apparently her door is only open to the dead. So that's why we couldnt open it in the beggining. Shes also the girl that gave us the bedalion. Should've walked away when we had the chance. Anyway, she tried to use the force on us but the player pulled out an uno reverse card and she disintegrated into smoke. I dont know how else to explain it.

    Now, we are back in a forest. We go in some water and the mirror slowly appears out of the water. I look into the mirror and I see that I look those things and in full black body suits.

    It says I'm a warrior. Skilled in combat, but ultimately weak and damaged. The battle is over, but the war isnt even close to done.

  9. This was so good. I cannot imagine how much effort was put into this. Amazing job you guys!

  10. can anyone tell me if this quest is appropriate for kids aged 5-13? id love to show the kids I work with but its hard to see every single video made to ensure its all kid friendly. eg no swearing or inappropriate themes etc. would be a big help 🙂

  11. As soon as I didn’t win the fight against a 12 year old scrawny 70 pound kid I stopped watching

  12. Thanks for making this. It fleshed out better than I thought it would.

  13. I teach 9th grade ELA and have had such a hard time finding a video to depict 2nd person POV so I was absolutely THRILLED to find Quest! I'm planning on having each of my classes navigate through the game. So I can lesson plan, on average how long would you say the game takes to get through? I know each choice will alter the time somewhat but I'm curious if you had an average. This is so cool and I hope that my students will like it as much as I do!

  14. Amazing job on this
    I got knight first time
    Ive also gotten warrior and charlatan but those 3 are the only ones i know
    how many ranks are there?

  15. This is awesome! Would it be age-appropriate to show a Grade 2 class? Our current Unit is about Making Choices.

  16. Yo I just finished it and I can agree this is the coolest thing on YouTube!!!!!!!

  17. That this did not go viral proves how lame people have become. Record a puppy that has hiccups and it goes viral, but a work of art like this gets a mere 118k views. If aliens never made contact before, they surely won't now. This was really good and obviously took lots of effort, but the masses are dumber than cattle.

  18. WARRIOR AND 1 Life,saved a man (black guy gave me a life)


  20. is it possible for a group to work on something like this using unreal engine 5 or the like, exploring impossible-to-film environs? perhaps w/ green-screened in actors

  21. Brilliant and extremely impressive Well done

  22. Anyone have an idea how long these run for if you do the whole thing? Thinking about doing it as a zoom hangout thing with my team at work!

  23. I finished it in a couple minutes was pretty cool I will definitely recommend it

  24. This was super cool but one of my students was very negatively affected by the gun scenario. I wish that had not been included in the quest or that you provided a trigger warning.

  25. This was amazing! It was pleasantly much longer than I or my freind were expecting. It's all really well done!

  26. Great now my brain is gonna make me o every way

  27. I must be missing something. I can’t figure out how to play this. From the comments it seems like it’s an actual game but I can’t figure out how to access it. Do I need to go to the Facebook page or something? I don’t use Facebook. Do I need an account? How do I play this?

  28. Freaking awesome! Me and some of my other DM buddies got together one day and were surfing YouTube for some new shit to add to our game, and we stumbled on this. We though 'hey, this looks pretty cool, let's give it a look.' and we were blown away! This has given us a lot of inspiration for our next campaign, and we all think that our adventurers (there's about five of them, all our little siblings ^^) will have a lot of fun next weekend for our party meet, and they'll love this game as well!

  29. Bruh where is the fun we forced to do same choices and are usless and some is basicly the other

  30. In the begging I picked cross and I won instantly

  31. TYSM for this..❤️🔥…Amazing production..Must have taken a lot time and effort to make..Way better than expected..🔥🔥

  32. its was so good im speech less…..hats of to the editing and filming team

  33. I have to tell you that whenever my anxiety is climbing or at its worst, I play this and it helps settle me down. This has to be hands down my most favorite thing on you tube.

  34. This was the coolest thing on YouTube ever! I shared this with a lot of my friends

  35. this was so much fun and i loved seeing everyone work so hard! i was searching YT to see if anyone had recommendations for some fun choose your own adventure games, and i stumbled upon Quest! thank you for putting in the hard work!

  36. I loved it and recommended it to others

  37. Idk if the chain got broken or if I just had a specific combination, but none of my videos made sense or had anything to do with each other. I died like 8 times but still had 2 lives out of 3. I got to the mirror in like 6 minutes. Going to try again to see what I missed 😅

  38. after years I have finally found it again. Cant wait to do this again!

  39. love this. I'm going to try it with my ESL online class today.

  40. I remember playing when it came out and I was shock

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