Pokemon Mega Adventure Fan Game – Episode 1 | IT’S FINISHED!

Pokémon Mega Adventure Fan Game Gameplay Walkthrough! Download link: ! If you are HYPED & wanna show support on this series MAKE SURE you hit that LIKE button!

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More Pokemon Mega Adventure!

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  1. Hell yeah, I remember when you started this let's play way back

  2. Im laughing so fucking hard right now

    Nick playing the game my friend made

    I feel like playing this game right now Im run through the game with mega charizard x

  3. keep in mind to never save in fullscreen because if you close the program while its current save is in full screen then you will no longer be able to play the game.
    i lost a shiny venonat to this glitch

  4. i wanna watch u play but i wanna play it myself….so hard to choose

  5. Popplio! I mean I like all the gen 7 starters but yeah

    As for overall Pokemon? Hmmm, that's a tough one… there are some pretty good mons.

  6. Well I won't be playing this game – I usually name my characters Serena and since she is in this game… yeah no 😀

  7. Sacred what program do you use to speed up the game?

  8. im playin along i chose bulbasaur people always criticize me for it but i've always liked bulbasaur

  9. PokeDJX Gaming [ THIS IS AN ARCHIVE CHANNEL] says:

    looking forward to this.

  10. You missed a chance to call her "Squirt" smh…

  11. Mega Evolution + Ash-Greninja = Where has this been all my life?

  12. Is there a way to change how your character looks?

  13. XD im dying how he said can you stop thunder shocking me and tackle

  14. my favorite 7th gen pokemon? i'd either have to say decidueye or alolan raichu…

  15. You are definitely not the only one who has done that, that's exactly what I did most of my childhood

  16. haven't been on a sacred vid in a minute, my lord. This nigga still sound silky af…. "No I fucking don't stop lying to these people!" – Sacred


  18. anyone know what his intro song is called

  19. Man real MVP leaving the download link in the description, champ man

  20. everyone should download this nintendo might shut this down

  21. How do u play this game like on controller or what

  22. I made fanfiction of my game before your not alone

  23. I clicked the link and open popped up

  24. I downloaded the game but how can I actually play it?

  25. I'm playing the game in randomized mode…I've found a crap TON of legendaries

  26. I played this game a long time ago durring the summer and i forgot what it was called

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