Playing the Neopets Adventure Generator in 2021

Pet Simmer Julie
Did the Neopets team forget about this feature? It turns out it’s still online in the year 2021!

“Here you can create your very own Neopian Adventure and challenge all your neofriends to finish it. Or, if you’re more the adventuring type, venture out on journeys other Neopians have written.

Do you like to play the Hero (or Villain) and go on exciting adventures? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Journey through exciting adventures created by other Neopians.

If the adventure you’re playing is awarding prizes, it is just for fun. No real prizes are awarded when you play adventures!”

Neopets® began way back in 1997 in a dingy little computer room. The site was launched on 15th November 1999. Neopets has been available in many languages since 2004 — including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German and Dutch. Our aim is to keep adding new and exciting games, puzzles and activities daily and hopefully keep you all entertained!!! 🙂

NEOPETS and all related indicia are trademarks of Neopets, Inc., © 1999-2017.

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  1. if you have the ruffle extension on your bowser you can still play some of the flash-based dailies. I got the most recent update and now I can finally play Qasalan Expellibox

    also grundo time? grundo time.

  2. Shit, to be honest the old site was the only reason I'd visit it occasionally, I duno if this was a good idea lol. They should of paid the extra money and did a partnership with more notable companies and people. Get their stuff in hot topic, figure a way to get trending on tiktok. Get Toby Fox to make a game for them or something. xD Things don't suddenly become relevant to the newer generation just because you update your site.

  3. I read somewhere, I think the reddit, that some pages (I haven’t tried it out all of them) if you do slash x to the end of the link they redirect back to the old layout

  4. So instead of reworking the content to use something other than Flash, in the ample time given to do so, Neopets just decided to tweak the layout and TRASH EVERYTHING? At this point, shutting it down would be a mercy.

  5. I've been loving the videos from you recently!! Can't wait to see more, I hope you're having a good start to the year! <3

  6. If i knew this existed when i was a kid, i would have sunk HOURS into these adventures lol

  7. I love seeing how much bonkish has changed since you adopted them back in like 2017-ish! Im still shocked I found him in the pound lol

  8. I know there are other, more pressing matters on the site, however… I cannot stand seeing the cloud Jubjub when my inventory is loading! Why a cloud Jubjub? I guess it works for the basic layout, but I have the Halloween one on, it just takes me out of it man. Couldn't they have a different one for each layout? Or better yet just don't have one! I just want a normal loading screen ;-;. Anyways, sorry for the rant.

  9. One of my favourite Neo Adventures was one titled Glass Roses. It had an incredible and sad story.

  10. Okay but did the person respond to your message about their neoadventure?

  11. Well…that's a layout, I guess? x'D But man, those adventure games. I totally forgot that was a feature, I loved them!

  12. ….anybody else notice the AIM conversation because YIKES

  13. Okay so as I watched you go through this I'm thinking, "for some reason I have no memory of this, but it sounds like something I would have been super into." I looked and guess what – I DID have an adventure based on a story I had posted to the Neopian Times! So strange how I don't remember this! So cool! It's like looking into the past that I totally forgot about!

  14. maybe i'm stating the obvious by saying this, but whoever owns neopets these days is pretty obviously motivated by profit and not much else. they've been neglecting the infrastructure of their site for several years now, and the site has lacked creativity for about as long. if they're developing stuff like TV shows or games or whatever – that have nothing to do with the website – then that's clearly where they're putting their funding. to me, the site being in shambles is emblematic of its low priority. whatever neopets the browser game is to the owners, it's not their top concern and hasn't been for some time. and that's fine, i guess, i don't really play the game anymore so i don't have a stake in it. though it is a shame.

  15. You know what? I really, really, really think they should reboot Neopets. Start fromt he ground with Neopets 2.0 (have the tiny Neopets V2.0 Mynci be the mascot) of the new site, and start the story from zero again.

  16. Just fucking reboot Neopets. This website is for women ages 20-30

  17. I'm actually pretty worried that Neopets will never appeal to me again with how the layout is working right now. I love it as a weird dress-up petsite that's also an economy, and I've put so much time into it, I can't imagine it finally being gone from my life. There is a lot of nostalgia for me, and I'm not ready to let it go, but I also don't want to waste time on something that doesn't make me happy. I feel very sad about it :c

  18. First and foremost, your hair looks amazing. Although I don't totally agree with the Pokémon comparison because of how they separate the competitive levels of play between children and adults; (having 3 younger sisters) I can definitely see an animated series catching on with the younger crowd and even a lot of the old fans like My Little Pony did not too long ago.

  19. I mean at least the NC Mall works for me for the first time in years? hahaha

  20. I remember making a adventure when I was very young! I think it was called “WILD PLATYPUS ADVENTURE!!!” Or something to that effect lol. I never fully finished it but i was smack in the middle of my random XD humor phase and I would just like to see that genuine relic of the times. Unfortunately I think all of my old accounts were eventually randomly deleted, so if anyone ever sees it in the random results I’d love a link or something

  21. I truly think only Key Quest could save Neopets at the moment.

  22. I know is a conspiracy theory but really think they want to make the main site as unappealing as possible so it can die so people focus on their Island Builder app, because just seeing the animations of that app seems like have more care than the site had for the last years on JS care.
    But serious I wish they just had gone making a Neopets 2.0 with a focus on the mobile, the site have too much stuff, is hard to program because is pretty old and some things are impossible for the new team to fix, so starting from zero would help them make a better site, I understand having two sites would be pretty expensive, but still is better than whatever is happening now…

  23. tbh, i hate it. Ive been a user since 2003! Been a active user since i was in the 3rd grade and now im 27! I play on a pc. i hate the mobile layout so much. it trash and unusable. I thought they would always keep there old layout and update the flash pages have the moblie one of moblie. I'm just destroyed by it all cause neopets is my life and now its awful and i dont see it getting better

  24. I remember coming across the neoadventures several times as a kid, but I was never able to get into them, either because my English wasn't that good back then or because some adventures would just lead me to dead ends and I didn't know what the point of it was. I feel like I would've gotten into them if I'd discovered the website later, and I did always admire how neopets allowed us so much freedom when it came to html coding… It's a shame that these aspects of the site have been so mismanaged over the years. Even the new design doesn't feel very intuitive, and the fact that the vast majority of games are straight up unplayable now isn't helping their cause. Thank you for preserving this bit of history!

  25. I don't know how they didn't go with a revamp of the original Neopets site 🙁 I think that would fit quite well for the young and the old Neopets users

  26. Man, Neopets used to be so fun when I was a kid. I remember a few years back trying to get onto my old account, and not being able to anymore. But when I browsed the website anyway, there was a lot of stuff missing anyway.

  27. i never knew neoadventures existed as a kid!! but then again i didn’t understand a lick of english back then… but id have loved it.

    well thank you for this video! watching it really cheered me up for a moment. its also great to hear your thoughts on the new layout and yeah i definitely agree. i feel like they’re gambling everything on renewing the site into something that will attract kids currently… that kind of buzz is very hard to create though.

  28. OH they are still on the website, but they managed not to direct most of the content on the website– I've had to google search to find most things (And those pages are usually on the old layout too) which is a huge nuisance, but does work for finding stuff

  29. wowww this brought back a lot of memories!! i played around with these when i was 7-8 and loved making really silly ones and quizzes but there were so many cool elaborate fantasy ones (well at least i remember them as cool) and during the plots there were whole fanfiction type adventures. thanks for looking into them 🙂

  30. Recently found out that this of all things is what make me have an interest in interactive fiction!

  31. So sad 😞 we need the old vintage neopets

  32. So sad 😞 we need the old vintage neopets

  33. Hey Julie! Have you ever heard of or played Icepets? It's a browser pet sim game similar to Neopets. You should check it out!!!!

  34. Im going to add you, i just started back on neopets, played over 14 years ago! I hope they add everything back i miss the games lol

  35. This used to be one of my favorite site features and I totally forgot it existed! I love this video.

  36. i hope they bring back the mootix farm, and really capitalize on having a mobile app that interacts with their website for neopoints ( that works unlike their last "ghost hunt" title).

  37. You know what I’d love to see? Some actual benefit for the page changing. Like maybe making the pets 3D like in Key Quest and the new mobile game? Yeah.

  38. Wow. Without Flash, it's basically a ghost site. That's just SAD. Meepit Juice Break & its infectious music, lost for eternity.

  39. I keep coming back to this video when i log into neopets.
    I need someone like talking me down from how awful this looks

  40. i hope neopets keeps on going and the tv series does well also i miss playing it myself been playing since it came out

  41. if you are a computer player, how can you play neopet games again to get neopoints, even though the flash player is no longer usable?

  42. I fucking died when I saw there were only 7 games on neopets, how do you earn neopointd now?

  43. I didn't know this existed.

  44. If you get a old version of Flash and a browser that supports it like palemoon you can play all the games (comment any questions)

  45. I just want a little more adult stuff or better games and plotlines like the mystery of the fairies

  46. What is the extension to have the training on the sidebar? That could be very helpful.

  47. Update: More games have been converted!

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