Plant Adventure Gameplay

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Plant Adventure integrates natural painting style and tone into watercolor pastoral, presenting a fresh and organic figures.

Popular stories between a variety of plant characters will satisfy all visual experience.

[Collect unique plants heroes and unlock their ultimate skills! ]
Assemble plants to become stronger – Unlock home-grown plants heroes through “Garden Harvest”, collect organic essence and enjoy delightful skills effect brought by plant awakening!

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  1. does the game got deleted i really want to play it oof…

  2. Maximum theres 5 people getting closer every day but every time you say this game is origonal they get closer what will you do?

  3. similar to the cooking run, won't you have a simulation one?

  4. 0:59 "Vampirism"
    The skill icon
    VAMPIRE COOKIE IS THAT YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!??

  5. Red Pincer Mantis looks similar to a Pokémon character-

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