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There is no Phixing this terrible PlayStation Adventure.
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  1. North American games: Press X to talk
    Japanese games: OMAE WA MOU SHINDERU….. “NANI???”

  2. I feel this idea could have been decent if you had no polarity by default, enemies didn’t have polarities and the collectibles weren’t ONE PIXEL.

  3. Honestly, I have to give the developer props for trying to do something new and innovative with the genre. It looks like a game that had a lot of potential, but it obviously needed a whole bunch of polish that it never got resulting in a mess of a game. I would say that perhaps they didn't get the development time needed for all that polish, but they had an entire 3 years after the Japanese release to improve it. So what I'm thinking is that perhaps they were just very inexperienced and therefore not very good at developing 3D games. The main reason why Earthbound 64 got cancelled is because their lack of experience with developing 3D games which was causing them a lot of issues. The game was mostly complete but had some major bugs that they didn't know how to fix.

  4. This was supposed to be fun for the whole family?

    No, just for the three year old.

  5. The parts where phix is clipping….dosen't actually look like clipping. It looks like a problem with layers. Phix seems to have a priority layer that has him on top of certain textures at all times. You weren't falling through the floor. It was the weird layer issues that made it look like you were falling through the floor. At least I think that's what's happening.

  6. So as bad as the game is, i cant fault them for the shadow thing when it comes to lava. Its just how things work. You cant have a shadow on something that is emitting its own light, like say red hot glowing magma. So as bad as it is for gameplay, as far as logic goes it just makes sense.

  7. The island at the beginning not pulling you back to the mainland was entirely your fault. You can clearly see when you first jumped to the Island the range of the magnet ball doesn't actually reach anywhere close enough to the island to just walk off. Maybe try jumping next time.

  8. Yo know what would have made this game bearable? If instead of that bar making magnets stop to affect you, it would actually make the magnets affect you.
    Like, you can freely change polarity, but the magnets won't affect you until you use the bar.

  9. why do you keep forgetting that you can just use the neutral polarity?

  10. The saddest part of this game is that it has so much potential. Does this sound familiar?

    Balan Wonderworld

  11. Honestly aa polarity based platformer could actually be a really fun and interesting game. If it was made by people who actually care and who like making games. Seriously give that idea to an indie developer and we have another celeste on our hands

  12. You guys have got the tag-team comedy duo down flat

  13. The pixel collectibles may just be untextured

  14. 27:33 does the polarity reflect the ninja stars back where they came from?

  15. Congrats on being the first ever to 100% this game

  16. I guess you could say that Phix The Adventure needs to be PHIXED!

    … Okay, I'll leave, now.

  17. The fox thing was a HARD reference to get!

  18. 16:30 is the best part of the video! "YOU MADMEN!!!"
    No, I'm sorry. 29:54 is the best part.

  19. The white dots are definitely a rendering error, hacking the game shows a full magnet model where those are

  20. I love these guys lmao, keep it up Fellas

  21. I think phix screamed 69 or 68 times! Including death scene when you run out of health points!

  22. I looked at the credits for the game…
    They had a QA department, yet somehow they missed those pixel collectibles?

  23. Sad part is this concept sounds really cool. If they did things like make it so you set your trajectory when shooting out of a magnetic felid, target feild to attract to to zoom you to it, allow you to hit one enemy with another enemy, manipulate metals to get to new areas, or collect metal scraps around to use as projectiles and armor, later on he could learn to perfect his powers to do things such as pull off metal armors or levitate in the air, using the crystals instead of making them for extra lives could be used as a curency to upgrade abilities. it could work.

    As for story instead of a magna orb accidentally falling off an unguarded, unprotected floating island, have some thunder diety create the orb and send it into phix giving him tremendous magnetic abilities but because phix is new he has to learn to control it, the reason is some unknown force has caused the kings of the realm to become corrupted.

  24. Falling through the floor is bad game design 101

  25. Fucking Magnets, How Do They Work?: The Game

  26. so the bosses know of you buy still fight to stop you why

  27. So basically it's Super Magnetic Neo but bad?

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